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How do I rid my body of a collembola infestation?

Posted by jntdvs

I have had this for about 5 yrs. Nothing works, I still get sores and white seed like things are all in them.  Also, I find (larvae?) on my face, neck scalp and fingertips (especially around the cuticles).  I see white tiny thing fly off my skin, if I rub it, it looks like bad dandruff-on my fingertips??? What can I do for the nausea and often constipation,  It all goes in a time-pattern.  At some point I feel so sleepy I can't hold my eyes open and will sleep for 20 of 24 hrs, That will last for 3-5 days.  Unespectedly I'll have a small feeling of positive energy, then I do too nuch and have to rest for a couple of days. I am pretty miserable most of the time.  Can you help me?   Thanks.
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Not knowing your specific causative agent -- it may or may not be collembola - or may be confounded by other co-infections or co-infestations.

Get your doctor to run an IGE and eosinophil count for a quick screen for parasites.  For symptomatic relief and possibly some killing or "knock down" of possible skin parasites - try warm to hot baths with additives.  try to do whole body immersions with attention to the scalp.  If your tub is of normal size -- either flip the overflow over or duct tape to get a few more inches of water:

add: 2 cups or so of rock salt (buy 40 lbs at feed stores)

baby oil; 1 to 1 and 1/2 scoop of oxy clean or percarbonate; 1/3 cup of borax

you may alternate the oxy clean with biz or an enzyme based bleach (not chlorine or chlorox type)  washing clothes with either is a good idea too and always include borax in the wash.

after the bath -- use a lotion that contains dimethicone.  Walgreens has an 'after sun' with alo vera that serves as a nice base.  Add cedar oil to this -- to make about a 15 to 20%.  I use Himalayan Cedar oil - rather than the market cedarside.  Himalayan Cedar contains certain terpenes and other components which have killing properties to insects - and arthopods.

I then add a 2nd layer of 25% benzyl benzoate lotion (avoid the eyes).

for the scalp and bit of hair i have now -- i found that compounding essential oils with an olive oil base with Himalayan cedar, orange oil or lemon juice, rosemary, eucalyptus and sulfur (3% if using the liquid vet lime product, 10% if using precipitated flowers of sulfur).  I spray this on and rub it into the scalp.  I then use a spray benzyl benzoate preparation that you can make or order through vet suppliers.

I had long lusious hair but had to boy cut it to adequately get at the scalp.  (Oh buy the way -- none of the usual medicinals - lindane shampoos, eurax and permethrin have any effect on these)

soak in the tub as long as you can and then shower down with dawn using a loofa gently on whole body.  follow up with a bit of selsun blue shampoo with menthol on scalp for 2 min and then rinse well.  finally add a bit of sulfurized cream rinse (suggest the head and shoulders or generic version as the base). 

menthol and lavendar are repellants -- so keep in environment everywhere.  observe clean technique throughout house and life style.  all of your clothes are washed and unless you can confim that your dryer get to 200 degrees F -- cook in the oven for 20 min or so.  use an old tea towel etc. lining a large cookie sheet to place a small stack of clothes -- careful on to allow any portion touch the rack as this will scorch and some items will melt.

 so limit yourself to clothes you can wash - bleach would be even better and always use borax (is toxic to most arthopods etc.) and that you can wear out.  same applies to bedding -- go to simple sheets -- microfiber is best - and a managable blanket so as to be able to wash and/or cook daily.

it is a sparse way of living -- but remove all upholstered items from your sleeping area and keep bedroom and bath very dry -- use heat blower as needed.

dust your car and bedding area and other areas of your home with roach pruff type boric acid and diatomaceous earth -- include your shoes and find a water type slipper or flip flops to be your house shoes so you can soak these daily in biz and hot water.

windex commercial brand strength - (find at home depot or other) to spray down floors, counters, toilet seats and bathing areas several times a day.

it is hard to live without comforters and soft down pillows -- but go to poly and vinyl covers on all bedding - mattresses and box springs - and remove bed to just the steel frame.

there is so much more to observe to tackle the environmental component of these -- but use common sense and be hopeful that you will be able to return to a normal exisitence in the future.

i have been battling this for 4 months and am much better now -- but it took gun shotting many different antibiotics and antiparasitics (most titers of bacteria were unrevealing) - and moving to a dry climate.  sunshine is a great purifier too - if you can manage whole body sun bathing time with screens etc.

 hang in there and take it a step at a time and good luck on the above.  it has really helped me.  but i would urge you to try to collect a sample for an entomologist to id - as the medical clinic isn't equipped to do this nor are the usual clinical labs able to id anything outside of the ordinary.  also, if you have not been screened for simple parasitosis or ectoparasites -- please do so - as your situation may be more amenable to an actual treatment and cure.

if all of this has been done and you are certain that you have collembola -- then try the above.  the white flaking is what has me perplexed -- could be chylletiella -- an animal fur mite that can get into the environment and be tough to rid if not dx.  in that case you would need ivermectin and absolute environmental clean up, pesticides and boric acid and DE dusting -- but is curable.





would add to place purified clothes and linens in plastic bags or bins with moth balls until using.

also - in rereading your plight -- which does not provide enough information -- so am shooting in the dark here -- you may be battling a nematode and might need combos of antihelminths: ivermectin, albendazole; and possible antibiotics aimed at their potential symbiots: doxycycline and septra -- but this requires the supervison of a well verse doctor which is not an easy prospect to finding one with this level of training (ie. tropical and geographical medicine and parasitology or a really good infectious disease doctor with some understanding of arthropods and parasites - but most are stuck on bactera, fungi and viruses or what the parasites might vector) combined with a willingness to extrapolate beyond the limited teachings of medicines (ie. we know only a fraction of what nature will throw at us and just as soon as someone relies on traditional teachings -- nature has already evolved or adapted to challenge man with new pathogens).

it would be ideal to recover the causative agent(s) or if not possible have a detail hx to help guide in the right direction

meanwhile -- take care of yourself - but eating right - no sugars (includes honey and organic sources of cane sugar) or processed flour based products.  You will want to create a more alkaline environment for your body.  lots of purified water - orange and grape juices.  fresh fruits and vegs - and free range meats (staying away from deli processed meats that are sprayed with polymers etc.) no additives, hormones or antibiotics used.  take vits -- adding vit D, magnesium, zinc, Ca++, B and trace minerals.  Might want to add alfalfa to your regimen with cyeanne fruit (walmart has)- fish oil - alfa omegas and so on.

start your bathing regimen early enough in the evening to then make your bed (everynight with your purified sheets and cases dusted with menthol - use gold bond powder or generic with menthol at walmart) and take a benadryl antihistamine to help with the itching and sleeping - so you can get back your health and diurnal rhythm.

Your bodily functions should improve as well with the above - but may add bran to the diet or take in tablet form.

good luck

sorry for the piece meal -- but the is no simple regimen here. may want to add a true colloidal silver to your daily intake (orginal fighter against microorganisms) and food grade DE (diatomaceous earth). Can find both online (DE at feed store -- but make sure it is food grade and not for field or pool filters) and make sure silver is true colloidal and not high in ions. When traditional medicine fails - one must seek answers beyond it confines -- though scientific process is still the gold standard.
You may have "Tunga Penetrans". I just caught this. I've tried sulfur, permethrin, all the sprays....with more bites.  I happened to come across info on it.  Now, I put fingernail polish on all the bites and will continue to topically treat every other day to kill any of the males on the surface of my skin.
Take a look at , it is a long and daunting battle. This is stupid that we have to suffer like this, technology should have a better cure. Good luck.
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