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how do I cure frontal headaches

Posted by dafjaffray

I have had all tests:  hormonal, blood workups, mri, look at my headaches in the front area between my eyebrows.  I am getting a very large double vertical lines there now as well.  Every day this is a problem.  What can I do to possibly help this?
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Check your diet to make sure you are not eating or drinking anything with aspartame or monosodium glutamate in it, that includes breath mints and chewing gum!These are neurotoxins and can also cause ongoing headaches. Proper fluid intake--dehydration and/or constipation can cause chronic headaches.  If you suffer from sinus problems, as a clinical aromatherapy practitioner I recommend using a cold air diffuser with therapeutic grade lavender, eucalyptus radiata, or Young Living Essential Oils Raven blend. It is also possible that structurally there are restrictions in your cranial fascia/bones, so a craniosacral therapist might be helpful.

Be well,

Jennifer Nordin, MTP, CST, CAP

At Peace Therapeutic Massage


If you believe that stress and tension are behind your headaches, besides acupuncture, I would suggest trying EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is an acupressure relaxation technique similar to acupuncture as it uses the same meridian points except the points are stimulated with the fingertips instead of using needles. I have information about EFT on my web site at
I would defnintely try acupuncture for this.  Chronic headaches respond very well to acupuncture treatment (recent research proves it is more effective than painkillers), and it has other benefits as well.  Your acupuncturist will ask you a lot of questions about your overall health, check your pulse and tongue, and determine what is the underlying imbalance that causes these headaches.  Treatment will help your body correct this imbalance, so the headaches really get addressed at their root.  Acupuncture will also help with the pain in the short term.  It's good news, actually, that the tests you've had didn't show much; in my experience, cases where "nothing is wrong" according the doctors tend to resolve more quickly.  A lot of people get really good and lasting relief from acupuncture where nothing else has worked.  I'm happy to help you find someone in your area if you like.  Good luck with this!

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