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Honest Review of Cancer Free Book

Posted Jan 01 2009 8:42pm
How many of you would love to know what you could do to fight your cancer naturally? I'm betting, a huge number of people would be interested. That's why I wanted to give you a more comprehensive view of what the "Cancer Free" book is about and why you should consider owning it.

Bill Henderson

What struck me when I read this book was the straightforward and easy to understand writing style of the author. It was also obvious that he was dedicated to helping people overcome cancer.

Positives of book:

  • Bill Henderson has gone to a lot of trouble to find sources for all the supplements which offer them for the lowest possible prices (without sacrificing quality).
  • Your cancer can be cured in just 6 - 8 weeks if you are seriously following the program.
  • Chapter 5 talks the flax seed oil and cottage cheese diet. Invented by a Nobel prize winning German scientist, Dr. Johanna Budwig, this diet has helped thousands of people beat their cancer!
  • Read about the .05 a day supplement that prevents metastasis (the only way cancer can kill you). This blend of Vitamin C and two amino acids (along with green tea extract) costs six times that amount if bought from the original source. It also benefits your heart.
  • Find out how easy it is to follow a cancer fighting diet - and what the 5 no-no's are that you need to avoid.
  • The Cancer Free book also tells you what supplement that has 3,000 enzymes will make your body alkaline. Cancer can't exist in an alkaline environment.
Negatives of book:

  • You will have to totally dedicate yourself to making fighting cancer "all important".
  • You cannot just "pick and choose", you must embrace the whole plan if you want it to work.

When winning the fight becomes the most important thing in your life, this is the book you need. My husband was faithful in following the plan in the book and it healed his cancer. The last time I checked, over 2,000 reported that their cancer was cured by following the recommendations in "Cancer Free" by Bill Henderson.

If you are tired of being miserable worrying about the awful effects of cancer and what could happen, check out the Cancer Free site here that has literally helped cure thousands of their cancer.

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