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HomeSpun Remedy: Gin and Raisin Arthritis Pain Cure

Posted Feb 10 2009 10:22am


I know the day of Love is fast approaching and you were probably expecting some delicious sweets and treats recipes, but here I am giving you a home remedy for arthritis pain instead.  At least you’ll feel like doing the love tango all night long if your joints stop aching. *laughs*  So, all is not lost. ;)

Ok,ok…So you’re thinking with enough Gin you wouldn’t be feeling any pain anyway,right?  However, it’s the combination of the Gin and raisins that’s the real cure. There’s only like a drop of Gin in each raisin. Hardly enough to intoxicate anyone.  Ready for the recipe? Here it is:

1 pint of Gin

1 (15 oz.) box of Golden Raisins. (They must be Golden Raisins and not the dark kind.)

Put the raisins in a quart jar and pour the entire pint of Gin over the raisins. Cover and let sit for 7 days. Do not refrigerate. Give the jar a good swirl daily to make sure all the raisins get saturated well.  When the 7 days are up, eat 9 raisins daily and watch your arthritis pain disappear. (Note: No cheating,Folks! Eat only 9 raisins and DON’T SIP THE GIN! *laughs*)

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