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Homeopathy’s been under at ...

Posted Oct 23 2008 9:52pm

Woman in profile Homeopathy’s been under attack recently, with moves afoot to remove patient access to NHS homeopathic treatment and attempts to discredit homeopaths and homeopathic organisations.

Critics of homeopathy often claim that the many patients who report improvements after homeopathic treatment are deluded. However, an observational study of chronically-ill patients treated with homeopathy at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital found that 70% reported clinical improvements. The majority of these patients are likely to be those who have already tried conventional treatments before turning to homeopathy. Are they all deluded in believing that their homeopathic treatment helped them?

The homeopaths who have set up an e-petition think not, and want patients to have a voice, and a choice, about their treatment options.

Montage of happy family

From September 2007 to date, 1,860 people have signed the H:MC21 e-petition Homeopathy Worked for Me.

If, like them, homeopathy has worked for you, why not take a minute to sign the petition, by visiting You can sign the petition if any homeopathic remedy has ever worked for you (whether self-prescribed, or prescribed by a professional homeopath or by a homeopathic doctor)!

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