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Homeopathic Remedies For Hemmorhoids

Posted Aug 25 2010 6:42pm


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Hemmorhoids is a skin conditon that causes painful and swollen veins in the rectum area.  These veins can become itchy and painful when sitting.  There may also be pain during bowel movements.

Homeopathy has a wide range of remedies to fight this condition.  Some may be taken internal.  Other ointments and creams may help fight the hemmorhoids externally.

The most common cause of hemmorhoids are straining during bowel movements.  This is commonly caused by constipation.  Constipation causes the veins to be bruised and inflamed.  This causes the hemmorhoid.  Other causes of hemmorhoids include sitting to much, anal infections and possible liver disease. 

The most common medicines to treat hemmorhodis  are

  Hamamelis should be taken if you have a bruised anus.  The hemmorhoid may bleed.  Applying warmth to the affected area makes things worse.

Aesculus Hipposcastanum

  Aesculus needs to be taken if the hemmorhoid feels itchy.  Sharp shooting pain the rectum area is usually felt.

  This remedy is used to for severely swollen hemmorhoids.  The hemmorhoids protrude out like a bunch of grapes.


  Hemmorhoids that are large and itchy.  This is a chronic condition accompanied with constipation.

Try these remedies in a 6C potency.  Take up 4 pills about 4 times a day.  Do this for about a week.

  Of course with the condition of hemmorhoids, remedies that fight constipation should also be considered. 


Alumina helps stool pass without sweeling your veins. This is used when little or few stools pass.  Sluggish stools occur.  A craving for fruits and vegetables.  Prefers not to eat meet or drink beer.

Nux vomica

Seems like their is a need to pass stool but nothing comes out.  People that have a not active lifestyle and have a poor diet need this type of remedy.

Try these remedies in a 6C potency.  Take up every couple hours upto 10 doses or the constipation eases.

Diets high in fiber also help ease constipation symptoms.  This is a long term goal.  It is easy to get more fiber in your diet.  Try brown rice instead of white rice.  Have wheat bread instead of white bread.  Take oatmeal for breakfast instead of sugary cereal.

Hemmorhoids can be treated with homeopathy.  There are several remedies that can be used.  Match your symptoms closest to the remedy that you need.  Lifestyle changes will stop the hemmorhoids from coming back.

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