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holistic treatment for copd. supplements, vitamins, diet?

Posted by Search4health

what can one take to relieve symptoms of copd and either slow down progression or cure? Any thoughts?

Person also has acid reflux and hiatel hernia (not sure about spelling).

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There is a medicine called Air Power made from natural herbs. I can't find it. I know for a fact it can cure copd. my friend's brother in-law has been cured for 8 years now. The process of curing is scarry but the side effect for this man is asthmatic sytems when he is around cigeretts. If any one knows how to find this, I would sure appreciate it if you would post. Thanks so much.
Really, acupuncture and herbs are excellent for treating all these conditions!  Good luck!
Enzymatic air power---- star rating 100 tabs 10.73.  No matter what size order shipping is always $5.  
Any luck finding this ? I would be very interested in learning more... Thxs
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