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Hi, I have read that acupuncture can improve droopy eyelids from ageing (I'm 71) but can it cure ptosis of an eyelid?

Posted by Penny

I am 71 with droopy eyelids due to ageing but one eyelid has ptosis (possibly in response to cataract surgery although other eyelid didn't develop ptosis after same surgery. )  Ptosis appeared about 3 1/2 yrs. ago and is getting progressively worse (as predicted by my opthalmologist who suggested surgery when it really bothers me).  It is now not only affecting my appearance, but bothers me physically and emotionally. He suggested combining ptosis surgery with upper eyelid cosmetic surgery.  I would like to avoid surgery but need to know that I can be helped by you. 

Where are you located?  If not in my locale, can you recommend someone to me?

Thank you,  



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