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Helping Your Stretch Marks

Posted Jun 02 2011 4:53am

Although stretch marks are usually associated with women and pregnancy, men get them as well. If we gain weight whether it was from pregnancy or overeating, if the skin stretched, we are likely to get stretch marks. Even people who work out and gain muscle grown may have stretch marks on their arms, legs, and so on. Unfortunately, once they develop, it is likely that they will remain there forever. With that being said there are some ways to prevent them as well as ease the visibility of them.

What are Stretch Marks Exactly?

Stretch marks occur from pulling of the skin. Although our skin is fairly elastic, the younger you are, the more ability it has to stretch. When it is overstretched something called collagen is disrupted. This is the protein that makes up your skins connectivity. Basically, this causes scaring which are the stretch marks.

stretch marks Helping Your Stretch Marks

Women will get stretch marks mostly in areas of the thighs, buttocks, breast, hips, and stomach after pregnancy. Men may get them on their lower back, buttocks, hip area, and other parts of the body. Both rapid weight gain or weight loss can cause stretch marks but don’t; forget the genetic factor. It could be that you have inherited the defects of your tissue. If you mother had severe stretch marks, it is likely you will have them as well. Stretch marks will appear as either red in color or purple. They are lines that will have different textures such as indents. Overtime, it is likely that will lighten and almost disappear.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks?

Preventing stretch mark is the most important this you can do if you are trying to avoid getting them. The very first rule to prevention is trying to avoid rapid weight gain or loss. Sometimes, this is obviously completely unavoidable however.

lotions Helping Your Stretch Marks

Moisturizers - The next prevent measure is to be sure you moisturize thoroughly and often. There are many creams, lotions, and oils out there, but you will want to choose the right one. In doing so you may end up paying hundreds of dollars for a product that didn’t even work. Since there are literally thousands if not millions of products available you can ask around and do research to see what users have experienced and which products they prefer. Another option is to make your own home remedy and use natural ingredients that people have been using successfully for centuries.

Home Remedies – Some popular remedies include massage olive oil onto the skin as needed to keep the area moisturized. You can also purchase some Vitamin E and do the same. Cocoa butter is also another helpful remedy that many people use. It also protects your skin which prevents damage. You can find cocoa butter in the form of a lotion or bar, and it smells rather nice. Shea butter does not smell as nice, but it will help to keep your skin elastic and soft. Castor oil is oil that can help in prevention. It actually can bring out toxins in your skin, and heal scarring.

The entire point of keeping your skin moisturized is so that it is able to stretch easier. Keep this in mind when you choose which remedy you would like to use. You MUST keep your skin moisturized at all times if you are trying to prevent stretch marks.

How to Ease the Appearance of Stretch Marks?

While you can never completely get rid of your stretch marks, you can certainly help to reduce their appearance. You can go with the over the counter options with products that promise results but make sure you do your research! Many will not work. On that note, you may save money and get better results from home remedies using herbal oils, vitamins, and so on.

Oils – Some oils include vitamin E oil which is often used in the treatment of stretch marks. It helps to heal damaged tissue and blemishes of the skin as well. Helichrysum oil can also assist because it helps to regenerate skin tissue as far as scaring and injury. Just as olive oil can help in prevention it can help existing stretch marks as well. Grape seed oil is also a great skin rejuvenator that many people use for their stretch marks.

Vitamins – Vitamin A can help to reduce the marking and even more so when used in combination with helichrysum oil. Vitamin C helps to enable the process of creating collagen which is very helpful to your stretch marks. Vitamin E works as an antioxidant to repair tissue and Zinc is also a great vitamin to help your stretch marks. While these are just a few, there are other vitamins that can help. These are the most popular however.



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