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Help! My eyes (not the eyelash area) but below and above, are red, scaley and swollen. I want to run and hide!

Posted by Tumbellina

This has been going on for 2 months now.  I waken in the morning and my eyes, sometime just the one, sometimes both, are swollen, red and scaley.  They have a burning sensation.  I have tried everything, vasaline, polysporin, vitamin e, Avene, etc...  I have gone to my doctor twice and tried 2 different perscriptions of cortizone creams.  Twice now they seemed to calm down for a couple of days but then bang...up it flares. I have tried cucumbers and tea bags and sleep. I'm thinking it has to be an allergy but I don't know where to even start.  I have thrown away all my make up and only wash with hot water and a facecloth.  I have always only used vasaline to take my mascara off, which is pretty much the only makeup I wear besides a little concealer.  I am 54 years old and I honestly just want to run and hide.  I have never had anything like this.  I feel like I've aged 10 years in the last 2 months.  Is there any advice you can give me?  Please and thank you very much.
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i'm sorry you're in so much discomfort, t.  i'm familiar with the condition, and it could be from just about anything.

have you maintained a daily diary of your food intake, exercise and other lifestyle choices? a diary many times proves to be an excellent source of information that we take for granted...small and subtle changes we may not give a second thought to -- a visit to someone's home with animals, mold, new paint or construction, etc.  a hike in a new environment.  new food choices at parties, etc.  you get the picture.  also, be aware of what you touch and who is touching you....wash your hands when you walk in the house and after cleaning (even if you use eco-friendly products----it may not be the product, it could be what you're cleaning up), and have others wash theirs. 

generally speaking, i'm not a fan of vaseline, as it is a petroleum product and very heavy (and toxic) to use in the eye area....that skin is much thinner than the rest of your face and decolletage, which is much thinner than the skin on the body.  and yes, i realize prescription products are petrol-based, but those aren't intended for long term use.  it sounds like you're using a lot of other products, too.  remember, anything you put on your skin will get into your bloodstream.  your skin is an organ, not a suit of armor  :-)

also, i suggest using warm water, not hot, on the face as a general rule.

i would suggest seeing an opthamologist to further assist with this condition -- they may prescribe a bacitracin ointment which could clear the condition in a couple of days.  that said, it's a good idea to maintain a daily diary for your future reference --- your self-awareness could help prevent a reoccurance. 

good luck and feel better.

Thank you ever so much for your quick response!  I very much appreciate it!  So, after I sent this off to you I went onto some other web sites and managed to reach and find other women who appear to have the exact same symptoms I have and who have been trying the same home remidies along with the  hydrocortisone perscriptions, with absolutely no relief. Some days are good, and then bam!  right back to the same condition, and often even worse.  One lady says she has had it for 3 years!!!  This is not good!!  I've only had this a couple of months  and I honestly can't imagine this being a condition that doesn't go away!  A couple of ladies replied in the conversation with some ideas which they said had helped them.  One was to start taking a B Complex Vitamin, and another said that washing her eyes daily with Johnson's Baby Shampoo was very helpful.  Then one more stated that her sister had guided her to use Johnsons Baby Oil, along with salt, and rub it on the area in question.  HELLOOO!  Salt?  Well, today I went out and bought some B-Calm (B50 comples with Sendoril) which is also good for the relief of stress...which I know can't hurt!  I also bought the Johnson's Baby Shampoo and Johnson's Baby Oil.  I will use the JB Oil to remove my makeup as I've heard it is good as a makeup remover...therefore, no more vaseline!  I washed my hair and eyes in the shower today with the baby shampoo...  But Baby Oil and salt on my eyes?  I'm not sure I'm willing to go there.  Geez, my eyes are already raw.  Anyways, just wondering, have you ever heard of any of these suggestions?  I have to say that since washing my eyes in the shower today with the baby shampoo, that I can hardly stop my eyes from running.  They are sooo bad today.  Help...  have I made things worse?

Sincerely, and with many thanks for any help you may have, Tumbellina, Vancouver Island, BC

P.S.  Also, one response was to cut out white wine...which happens to be my favorite vice.  Have you heard of white wine being perhaps a culprit with and towards my condition?  Thank you...
i've already answered your question and made suggestions.   baby oil is another petrol product.  good luck.
have you considered being tested for Stevens Johnsons Syndrome. It appears much like you describe and can eventually spread over the rest of the face and into the nasal cavities and eyes. If left untreated it can become life threatening. In some people, it is brought on by stress and in others it is an allergic reaction. There could be something in the make up or the petroleum that could be causing the reaction. To get tested for SJS you need to contact physicians that work with burn patients. Since SJS resembles a burn in the way it looks, feels and is treated these specialized doctors are prepared to help you almost immediately.
i have had red, swollen, itchy eyes for 19 months. this morning, i decided to look up using johnson's baby oil to remove eye makeup to see if others reported problems using it and bingo! there are many articles that say JB Oil can clog up the oil glands in your eye lids and cause infections. i wonder why my eye doctor never told me this. he has prescribed expensive eye drops 10 times in the past year and a half which generally have worked fine to clear my eyes up...until they run out in 6 weeks and then the symptoms have come right back. i don't know why i haven't tried other eyemakeup removers during this time, but i am getting ready to try something like Mary Kay's (oil free) eyemakeup remover. i will come back and post the results of stopping the use of JB oil if i see that this clears my eyes up. good luck to you!
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