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hello, i broke my fifth metatarsal bone in my foot... and i have some questions.....

Posted by amd11786

i broke my foot last  the dr put me in a cast up to my knee with no weight bearing on it at all ......the brusies that were on my foot are starting to go away no... could that be a sighn that my foot is healing up and i would possible be able to return to some what of a normal activity??? monday feb16 and today if now feb 26... i am just 35 days away from my 6wks dr visit..... and i was just wondering if by the 6 wks period if my foot was going to be compleatly healed up... i currently work fast food so i am on my feet all day 10-12 hrs a day and with my foot being broke i have lost that income until i go back to work.... whe i go back to the dr what would be the next step that he would do after takeing the cast off???? 
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