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Heel Spur Treatment

Posted by Teresa J.

Though I have had acupuncture on my neck to help with pain (from a car accident), I have not had it elsewhere. I have a heel spur, for which I have found some relief through a cortisone shot, but not enough. I'm wondering if I should ask my acupuncturist (he's also my chiropractor) for a treatment on my heel? Will acupuncture help?
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Acupuncture Could Help. If you buy into the theory underlying acupuncture, which is that all disease in the body stems from an imbalance of chi, then acupuncture can of course help with a heel spur. The acupuncture could clear the chi congestion that is probably the energetic "cause" of the heel spur in the first place. I always found that with things like acupuncture, repeated healings work best.
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