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Heart Attack or Cardiac Arrest

Posted Feb 20 2009 7:08pm 1 Comment
Please share this with everyone your know. It is that important. You must know the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest. The wrong emergency treatment while you are waiting for the professional could kill. HeartAttackCardiacArrest.html

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Just read an article on gas and bloating after a meal - claimed the cause was candida - a common yeast overgrowth. The article suggested that you go to a specific site and take an online test to determine if you have this condition.

I suggest that if you feel you might be suffering from candida, you go see your physician for a real world hands on test.

Gas and bloating after a meal. Yes candida side effects could be a cause. But - so could eating too fast, not chewing your food, drinking too much fluid with your meal, drinking sodas, too much stress with the food. The list can go on and on.

The first thing to do is make sure you are very thorough in chewing your food. Your stomach was not designed to process large chunks of meat and vegetables. Cut out the sugar - fermentation. Have only small sips of water with your meal. Keep the conversation to non-controversial subjects. After you eat, don't go lay down to watch TV.

You may also find it helpful to take digestive enzymes a half hour before you start eating.

Second, is this gas and bloating happening after every meal? Again, go see your physician if the above suggestions don't help.

And just in case you want to try to be proactive, the home grown treatment for candida is good old garlic. You need to ingest raw garlic, and lots of it. Another reason to take that daily garlic supplement - not as good as fresh but better than none.

Candida is a real problem and lots of people have it and don't have any symptoms they are aware of on a daily basis. This condition spreads rather silently and the effects - well let's just say that you get use to the symptoms before you realize there is a problem.

Vaginal candida usually comes with intense itching but internally spreading all over your body is like a vague headache.

Oh, don't forget, the biggest source of food for candida is sugar. Wide spread candida may also be linked to heart disease and cancer.

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In the cases of heart attack and cardiac arrest, or any other heart shocks, time sets to be the most crucial factor for the survival of the patient. Sometimes, a little knowledge regarding the immediate actions to be taken may help your near and dear ones to survive in such incidents. Keith Churchwell has extraordinarily explained the pros and cons while handling patient suffering immediate heart attack or cardiac arrest. The response a person takes to treat a victim decides the probability of his/her survival. Its been my personal experience fighting to survive against a heart attack. A quick recognization of your bodily responses may increase your chances of survival. Because of having many heart problems, I was enrolled in a concierge Healthcare program from elite health. I was attacked by a severe heart attack in a party, luckily surrounded by many people. Some of the sudden changes in my body was recognized by me and anticipated immediately. I got a very severe chest pain which was almost unbearable for more than a minute. I got the suspicion that I might be having heart attack, and immediately called my physician on the phone, and explained my condition and its severity. Because of the immediate guidance, I was directed immediately to have an aspirin which I used to carry with me as prescribed by my physician. It was quite a frightening experience for me to face such a heart attack, but somehow I managed to be calm until 911 arrived. I was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, where already my physician were present and have got everything setup according to my medical history. And it was in some matter of seconds that everything was in control. A doctor, who already have the complete knowledge of the medical history and fitness of the person, extra ordinarily ameliorate your recovery process. Hence such a concierge level program from Elite health, helped me a save my life, like many others.

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