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Hear, hear

Posted Sep 22 2008 4:37pm

Nearly every remedy will have some kind of noise or sound within the ear - the stranger it is the easier it is to repertorise. It is important to cross reference with noises in the ear. Some of these illusions might be 'felt' within other parts of the body or mind and contribute to the essence of the whole symptom picture. Here I am just going to list some of the more unusual illusions.


ABSINTHIUM - hysterical - associated with demons; falling noises; distorted; can hear their own heart beat in the ear.

BELLADONNA - hears own voice inside ear; animal noises; hear people murmuring, cockroaches.

CANNABIS INDICUS - hears water boiling; people singing; sweet toned bells; cathedral choir; people shouting; vehicles; marching soldiers; a sigh turns into a clap or thunder.

CHAMOMILLA - hears running water; voices of absent people, birds fluttering in the ears.

COFFEA - hears a swarm of bees; all noise is painful; distant sounds seem near; music is always too loud or sharp.

CROTALUS HORRIDUS - hears voices, animals, noise is distorted.

ELAPS CORALLINUS - hears rain; voices; roaring noises.

HYOSCYAMUS - hears animals; calling for people; peacocks; imaginary noises; voices.

KALIUM ARSENICOSUM - hears voices; imagines deafness.

LYSSIN - hears church bells; rushing water, voices, clairaudient.

MEDORRHINUM - hears unreal noises, voices, things crawling around; rats.

NAJA - hears imaginary sounds; whizzing noises; windmill oars turning.

STRAMONIUM - hears animals; music; voices of absent people; distant voices; water; wind.

THEA - hears the ringing of a doorbell.
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