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Healthy Fats Of Life

Posted Aug 20 2010 4:55am

By Leah Salmon

Why certain fats are vital for good health

Yes, I know it sounds crazy but fat really is good for you! The right kind of fat is absolutely vital for normal, healthy growth and development. The “good” fats, mostly known as essential fatty acids have been linked with a lower risk of heart disease, skin conditions, cancers, depression and many more symptoms.

So if fats are so good for us, why is so much fuss made about the amount of fat in our diets and all the dangers related to it? The fact is that it is not so much the amount of fat in our diet that is dangerous (although clearly nobody would do well on a diet that is mostly fat, not even a protein type if you use metabolic typing to guide you). Far more important is the type of fat that we eat, and in the last 50 years it is the huge increase in saturated and refined fats that has really caused major problems. The substance our brains are made of is more than 50% fat, and this needs healthy fats to help it develop properly and to maintain good, healthy activity – so even dementia and Alzheimer’s are thought to be less likely in individuals who have a good level of essential fatty acids in their diet.

Even some of the so-called “healthier” polyunsaturated fats available are heavily processed and therefore damaged in a way that blocks the body from accessing and making use of the good fats in the diet.  That’s why in metabolic typing and natural health, it’s always recommended that you use butter rather than low fat, butter-like spreads. Butter is a natural product and the body can break it down more easily than the refined spreads. Of course, it still needs to be used in moderation.

So which fats are the healthy ones?

You’ve probably heard of Omega 3 and Omega 6. Most people living in our modern, western society are eating very low levels of these essential fats, especially Omega 3. This is because most sources of Omega 3 are easily damaged in the cooking process. It’s also due to the fact that we are eating less fish. The Inuit people, due to their diet of seals, eat a large amount of fat… yet heart disease is virtually unknown. This illustrates the point that it is the kind of fat you eat that matters far more than the amount of it!

Omega 6 helps to build the brain alongside the Omega 3 fatty acids. Amongst other things it helps to keep the blood thin, lower blood pressure, improve nerve function and keeps the blood sugar levels balanced. Between them, you can see why they are referred to as essential fatty acids!

How do I make sure I’m eating these healthy fats?

For Omega 3 and Omega 6, seeds and fish are the most plentiful sources. Oily fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, tuna (if you want to be environmentally conscientious avoid the endangered blue-fin, and always buy line-caught tuna) and anchovies are all rich in Omega 3. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and walnuts will all give you those healthy fats too. Of course you may want to consider an Omega 3 supplement if you feel you simply cannot get enough Omega 3 through your diet.

What about cooking with fat?

Whatever your metabolic type, deep frying is unlikely to do you any favors, so please avoid it! Also, it’s best not to fry with those healthy seed and fish oils. I know that might seem confusing, but those healthy oils are easily damaged in the very high temperatures involved in frying, turning them into trans-fats which the body cannot make use of.  A better choice is either coconut oil/butter or cold pressed olive oil.

I’ve only touched on the benefits of those healthy fats here, so enjoy them! Make sure you eat enough of them, but most importantly make sure you eat the right kind of fats. Your body will be so grateful that you do!

Take care and stay healthy

Leah Salmon – The Naturally You Coach

After spending years as a nurse and medical secretary, Leah Salmon realised that orthodox medicine didn’t work and became a Naturally You Coach, helping people to use their foods and natural remedies to improve their health, instead of drugs, chemicals and surgeries. Now a published author of 2 books, a speaker, teacher and dedicated homeschooling mother to her 4 children, listen to Leah share the number one secret to great health at

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