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Health Benefits of White Tea Extracts

Posted Mar 04 2010 9:58pm

We’ve known for centuries that tea is good for us – mentally and physically – but it is only in recent decades that we have learned the true benefit of drinking various teas. There are many health benefits of white tea extracts that are only now coming to light through research. White tea is much the same as other teas, except in the time that it is harvested, and in the way that it is processed.

health benefits of white tea extracts

White Tea Extracts Health Benefits

White tea has incredible anti oxidant properties. It is also useful as an anti inflammatory product. Because of other medicinal properties found in white tea, it is now being used and extensively tested in the treatment and prevention of heart disease, arthritis, and cancer, and is even be tested for the possibility of reducing the signs and symptoms of aging on the skin. While white tea leaves can be brewed a few times before they must be discarded, some experts believe that with each brew, some medicinal properties are diminished or lost, although this has not been proven to be a fact.

Are White Tea Extracts Healthier than Green Tea?

We’ve all heard the praises of green tea, but some recent studies and advanced research have actually proven that white tea is better for you than green tea because the anti viral properties are much stronger. Research has also found that white tea is better than green tea for enhancing and improving a person’s mood and outlook, and many believe that this is due to the fact that the leaves are harvested when they are still young. White tea does not perform as well as green tea in terms of the amount of fluoride that is present in the leaves, but this is the only area in which it is lacking when compared to green tea.

White Tea Extracts from China

There are a wide range of white tea extracts available, and most of them come to us from China. These varieties include Bai Hao Yinzhen, known as Silver Needle, Bai Mu Dan, known as White Peony, Gong Mei, known as Tribute Eyebrow, Shou Mei, known as either Noble or Long Life Eyebrow, and White Puerh Tea. The best grade of white tea extract from China is the Bai Hao Yinzhen.

Of course, not all white tea extracts come from China. Ceylon White, for example, comes from Sri Lanka. Darjeeling White comes to us from India, as does Assam White, and African White comes from Kenya, Africa.

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