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Health Benefits of Homemade Foods

Posted Nov 26 2012 11:00am

medium 4083061169 300x198 Health Benefits of Homemade Foods Sometimes you have to take matters in your own hands. Such is the case with homemade foods. Making your own foods offers many health benefits and can take some of the guesswork out of making good choices. There is much to be said for knowing exactly what you are eating.

Controlling Fat and Sodium
Do it yourself foods like breakfast sausage and marinara sauce can help you cut down on saturated fats. They can also help you cut sodium; any Italian-based pasta sauce will fall into this trap. All you need are some canning supplies  Health Benefits of Homemade Foods and a free afternoon.

The one caution you need to be conscious of is the lack of preservatives. To keep food safe, you will need to be know proper storage times. You can find this information at The site provides full to storage for refrigerated or frozen foods. You can add citric acid to help preserve foods, but the shorter shelf life of homemade foods is the trade-off.

Portion Control
Homemade foods give you the chance to control portion sizes . By all means make sure and measure the foods you make. By making them yourself, you will also learn portion control. You’ll be able to learn portion sizes by sight and feel.

This means no guess-timating. Bring out the measuring spoons and cups. A lack of knowledge of what constitutes a serving trips up a lot of people and hampers the ability to accurately estimate caloric intake. Be prepared; you’re likely to be shocked by what an actual serving size looks like.

Tweaking Recipes
The real beauty is in the name—homemade. You can tweak recipes to your own tastes. It’s a perfect way to add your distinctive touch. Does someone in your family not like olives? Leave them out! Would your household be perfectly comfortable smelling like a pizza place? Bring on the garlic!

You can make the amounts that you want to have as well extra for freezing. It can be a real time saver when you have the food ready to go. Just image pulling a ready-made lasagna dinner out of the freezer after a hard day at work. You will thank yourself profusely for your foresight.

You can easily begin eating healthy by eliminating the pitfalls and uncertainty of processed foods. In return, you will learn how to better gauge portion control and to lower sodium intake. All you need is an opportunity to discover the riches of homemade foods.

photo credit: cafemama via photopin cc

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