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Health and Wellness: Exercising Just a Little Helps Improve Health

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:16am 2 Comments
Today I have one of my periodic appointments at my health club with the "dreadmill." I try to keep up with my goal of exercising 3-5 times per week but sometimes life gets in the way. I don't think I'm alone in trying to find time to move the booty while engaging in a myriad of other persuits (like a job). Many students and fellow academics also have difficulty scheduling good ole exercise in their busy lives.

Yes, I know I should get up to 10,000 steps per day but I also have to give lectures, grade papers and learn new technology as well as be a father to my child and contribute to our household.

The problem is dealing with the guilt of missing a workout. Hey, I'm a health and wellness writer. I should be beginning my day with meditation and yoga and take long walks after my tofu salad lunch.

The reality is that I'm just like everyone else trying to squeeze in an hour of exercise here and there.

Well there is hope. There are some studies that show that even a little exercise goes a long way. Researchers at Duke University Medical Center investigated the activity levels of 1200 obese people and found that even small increases in activity had benefits. The more active obese subjects had an easier time performing activities of daily living than their more sedentary counterparts. Even a slight increase in activity appeared to make a difference. The participants all reported less than 1 hour of exercise per week.

So, no need to feel guilty missing that occasional workout. Just don't fall off the exercise wagon completely.

Peace and healing,

Dr. Bruce

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Duke University Medical Center (2008, October 6). A Little Exercise Goes A Long Way For Severely Obese.
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Starting a regular exercise routine can be a challenge as you get engaged with your work. But one thing keep in mind, Exercise help us to relieve stress, manage symptoms of illness and pain, and improve our overall sense of humour. In fact, exercise is the key to staying strong, energetic, and healthy.

Hi Dr. Bruce,


I am a chiropractor of Denver. I want to comment on, "Exercising a little improves health". Yes, I love the way you ecourage readers. I also observe health and wellness personally and I do teach my kids, too to prioritize health and wellness in their lives as well.


Check out Denver Chiropractor for our healthy tips and wellness.

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