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Healing With Crystals, Colors an...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:22pm
Healing With Crystals, Colors and Chakras - Part 7
Personal Space - Individual Growth

Green stones strengthen the main quality of the heart chakra, which is to grow and expand in a harmonious manner in such a way as to fulfill the individual core needs. Personal space and freedom to be oneself are essential for well being and health. We can use crystals to help us achieve our goals in life, both by giving us quiet in order to see things more clearly and by encouraging the growth of qualities we need.

Before goals can be reached, it is necessary to clarify as much as possible what those goals are. A reminder of your aim keeps your attention focused in the right direction without becoming obsessive.
  1. Set aside a space that can be dedicated to your wishes. Have a representation of your goal; a picture, photograph or phrase. For example, if a goal is to pass your driving test, a picture of a car can be the centerpiece.
  2. Choose crystals to encourage qualities that are needed for you to succeed. Encourage optimism and clarity with yellow crystals, calm with green stones, ability to learn with blue, coordination with violet. A clear quartz can reinforce your intention if it is programmed.


This exercise easily creates a meditative state. Using a green crystal as a focus of attention naturally calms the mind and acts as a support to the entire process. Sit in a comfortable position and take a minute to settle yourself. Have a green stone in front of you, the type is not important.

  1. Look at the stone, letting your eyes rest on it gently. Keep looking at the stone and let your mind be aware of your breathing.
  2. After a few minutes, close your eyes and imagine you are breathing in the color green. If you get distracted, open your eyes and gaze at the stone for a while longer, then close your eyes and breathe in the color again.
  3. When you are ready, put the stone aside and relax for a minute before returning to normal activity.


This exercise will calm the heart.

  1. Put a green stone at your heart. Hold a clear quartz crystal in your left hand with the point facing inwards (towards your body). Hold another clear quartz in your right hand with the point facing outwards (away from your body).
  2. Visualize a flow of energy from your left hand to your right hand and out of your body. Feel calm energy filling you and tension draining away.
  3. Change the quartz points around so the flow moves in the other direction. Repeat the process.
  4. After 5 minutes put down the quartz points and experience the calm green energy at the heart chakra. If there is somewhere else that is in pain or in need of extra calming energy, put the green stone there, instead of at the heart.

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