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Healing with Crystals, Colors, a ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:39pm
Healing with Crystals, Colors, and Chakras - Part 5
Energizing and Organizing


The name garnet derives from the Greek word for pomegranate. The small, bright red crystals resemble the seeds of that fruit. Garnets come in a variety of colours - green, orange and brown, but the rich red-wine varieties are the most familiar and useful in crystal healing work.

Garnet is the finest energizing stone for the body. Especially when cut, it can amplify and energize the properties of other stones. Cut faceted stones of most crystals increase the liveliness of the stone and can act like a lens, focusing light with more intensity.

The fiery garnet can be placed wherever a lack of energy exists. It can act as a 'starter motor' for the body's repair mechanisms, so very often garnet can be in place for just a short time to do its work. Where there is an area of underactive or stagnant energy, place a garnet at the center of the body and surround it with four (4) clear quartz crystals, points facing outwards, to help increase energy, distribute it, and rebalance a 'cool' spot in the aura.


Identifying areas of poor energy flow is a useful skill to learn. As Reiki and energy healing practitioners, we are aware of slight changes in the the recipient's aura. Everyone has different ways of registering energy changes, so for new practitioners, just be attentive. And if you are not sure of your assessment, repeat the scan a few more times. Low energy can often feel like a dip, hollow, or emptiness in the aura. It may feel cool or somehow 'wrong'. You may sense the difference in your hands or arms or be struck by an intuitive thought or emotional impression.

Even without consciously registering it, the body scan will give you enough information at deeper levels of the mind to place healing stones appropriately. Learn to trust your intuition and use grounding stones to help reduce any doubt.
  1. First, sensitize your hands by rubbing them together or rolling a clear quartz crystal between your palms. Now, with your palms in front of you (height or distance in front of you is not important) and facing each other about hip width apart, bring your hands together slowly and you should feel either a tingling, pressure or stickiness as they get closer to each other. Gently 'bouncing' the space between your hands helps to center and ground yourself while building up your energy aura and your sensitivity to other fields.
  2. Starting from near the feet and moving upwards, use one hand to slowly sweep about an inch or so above the recipient's body. Your intention is to locate areas of blocked energy or low energy. Move your hand through the aura and be open to any changes you may feel.
  3. Where you have identified low energy, place a red, orange or yellow stone, whichever feels most appropriate, for a few minutes. Then remove the stones and repeat the body scan. There should be an improvement in the energy field. If a few areas of imbalance remain, make a note of them and repeat the process after a few days.


Ruby has a long history of use as a gemstone, though until recently, because of its hardness, the stone was not faceted by was always polished into a domed, cabochon shape. In Ayurvedic Indean healing traditions, ruby is the stone of the sun.


As the sun is the center of the solar system, so is the heart at the center of the physical body. Ruby balances the heart, enhancing its function and the circulation of the blood and improving the quality of thought and feeling associated with the heart - confidence, security, self-esteem and our relationship with others. Ruby acts by energizing us at the very center of our being. It balances by reminding us of the vast reservoirs of energy within us that can enable us to succeed in any venture where we have full trust in our own abilities.

Red is the energy of gravity, pulling things together and establishing reality. Red is also the colour relating to the creation of matter and its manifestation. So it makes sense that a red stone such as ruby can help us to achieve our goals, especially since ruby has such a connection with the hear, the seat of our desires.

Often in life the heart suffers pain because we feel unable to fulfill our wishes or desires. After pain such as this we often create barriers in an attempt to prevent future hurt. Unfortunately, what this really does is separate us further from the source of our own power and courage.


This net will help release pent-up energy in the heart, remove guilt and unworthiness, and reveal your true strengths and potention. If possible, have a white sheet to lie on as this encourages a gentle cleansing of negative emotions.

Place a small ruby crystal at the heart chakra in the middle of the chest. Place 12 clear quartz crystals, with points facing outward, spaced equally around the body. Lie in the net for about five (5) minutes.


When there is a fear of failure, the heart, whose natural energy needs to expand outwards and experience life, becomes restricted. Then there is a lack of security, which comes from having lost the sense of being centered in the self. This happens at a mental and emotional level, but can also manifest in physical symptoms such as poor circulation, cold hands and feet and other upsets to the temperature regulation of the body. Ruby can be an ideal healing stone in these circumstances.

This net will be gently energizing, bringing focus and clarity to the mind and emotions. It can be used to regulate the circulatory system and usually produces a gentle warming senssation. Use six (6) small ruby crystals - stones that are not of gem quality are inexpensive and fine to use.

  1. Place one ruby crystal above the head and one between and just below the feet.
  2. Place one ruby crystal next to each arm and one next to each knee so that the six (6) stones are all evenly spaced around the body. Stay in this position for five (5) to ten (10) minutes.

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