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Healing with Crystals, Colors, a...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:22pm
Healing with Crystals, Colors, and Chakras - Part 3
Releasing Unwanted Energy

Copper and topaz share the ability to create a healing flow of energy through the body. For an even more gentle, clear orange energy, orange calcite is perhaps the coolest and most soothing of the orange stones. These stones are ideal for helping internal emotional pressures that largely arise from unresolved situations or subtle, unnoticed sources in the environment, such as subsonic vibration or conflict with people around you.


Found in many degrees of colors from completely clear to green or blue, topaz is best known in its rich golden-yellow and orange-pink varieties. In any of its colors, topaz is good to use when the physical body is tense and emotions are volatile. It encourages the relaxation of rigid areas. Topaz will charge up any area it is focused on an can also be used to draw off excess or negative energy.

For a more grounded and gentler effect, tiger's eye can be used instead. This stone will also help the individual to integrate and become comfortable in challenging social situations.


Copper, a metallic red-orange that oxidizes green, is a great conductor of energy. It is well known to be of benefit to rheumatic sufferers and its use can reduce inflammation of all sorts. Copper helps the flow of energy between all systems in the body and brings a stability and flexibility that protect against stress. When there is an energy buildup and an increasing sense of internal emotional or nervous pressure, copper can aid the flow of energy to safely release or ground it.


Pressure can also be caused by the wrong food or drink, ionization in the air prior to a storm, planetary influences and so on. Like a pressure cooker, energy begins to build up and, with no means of release, turbulence increases until an explosion of some kind restores the equilibrium.

To avoid explosions, which can be a sudden unwarranted loss of temper or could even develop into a nervous breakdown, you need to safely ground and release the unwanted energy. The following layout with orange stones can be used in acute cases of frustration or where there is a long term difficulty with a personal situation. The treatment helps to stimulate the creative flow of the sacral chakra and effectively grounds any excess energy through the feet. Use any orange stones in this layout. Remain in positionfor 10-12 minutes.

  1. Place one stone below the left foot.
  2. Place another stone below the right foot.
  3. Place a third stone a couple of centimeters below the navel.
  4. Place a fourth stone a centimeter or so above the navel.
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