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Healing with Crystals, Color and...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:22pm
Healing with Crystals, Color and Chakras - Part 2
Healing The Wounds

Orange stons can often be effective repairers of the body, encouraging a rapid release of stress. Carnelian and rutilated quartz both encourage the body's own powers of regeneration.Carnelian is a warming stone that links well to the creative energy of the sacral chakra. Unlike the crystalline lattice usually found in quartz, this microcrystalline quartz is made up of closely packed fibers arranged in concentric layers or parallel bands. Carnelian gets its warm color from the presence of iron oxides and is often translucent, showing colors ranging from pale orange to a deep orange-red.


Carnelian is one of the most useful stones for healing the etheric body when trauma and stress have accumulated to disturb physical functioning. Most will experience carnelian as a gentle soothing energy, though in some circumstances where it feels uncomfortable, the addition of some cooling green or blue stones may help.


This is a clear or smoky quartz that contains fine thread-like crystals of rutile and titanium dioxids. Rutile is a metallic, needle-shapred crystal that can have a remarkable deep red color. In quartz it is usually straw colored - a lustrous gold to golden brown.

Titanium is non-corroding, extremely strong and light metal so it is no surprise that rutilated quartz can help to knit together and strengthen tissues that have been strained or damaged. Rutile is an excellent energy shifter and will help remove energy blocks. Its golden color suggests that rutilated quartz can reoganize and integrate scattered energy fields.

Very often symptoms of physical pain can be eased when the energy flow within the meridian system is repaired. It's not necessary to know of the energy channels in detail, you can simply place the rutilated quartz or clear quartz crystal points ateach side of the painful area, with the points facing each other.

Use your hand to scan over the area so that you can feel the flow of energy. The appropriate direction of flow will feel different from any other direction. If needed, the flow can be enouraged by sweeping over the area with a hand-held crystal.


Pain in an indicator of damaged tissue and without that sensation we may not know that a problem exists. However, it is useful to be able to lower the levels of pain when they are very high. Pain is a concentration of energy, so by diffusing that energy the experience of pain can often be lessened. For repair of damaged physical tissue there must be a nourishing flow of energy to that area.
  1. To ease the emotional stress of the situation, and to help the repair be more rapid and complete, use pink, orange, or yellow stones at the sacral chakra or solar plexus, with perhaps an addition of violet stones at the brow or crown chakra to establish calm.
  2. To bring a cooling, quietening energy, place cool colored stones, green, blue and violet, on or near a painful or inflamed area.
  3. To speed the repair of tissues, such as pulled muscles and broken bones, place rutilated quartz on or around the affected area. This will encourage the torn tissues to rejoin and heal.


Use this net regularly for 5 minutes at a time to help release trauma from deep in the body. It may sometimes bring old symptoms or pain to the surface before they can be completely removed. You will need 6 tumbled carnelians and an orange cloth to lie on.

  1. Place 1 carnelian at the top of the head and 1 at either side of the body at the level of the sacral chakra.
  2. Place another stone between the legs at mid-calf and another below it near the ankles. Place the 6th stone at the base of the throat.
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