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Healing from Lactose Intolerance

Posted Mar 16 2010 9:41pm

Lactose Intolerance is a condition present in some people who are not able to properly process lactose in the body.  Lactose is otherwise known as milk sugar and is found in dairy products and hidden ingredients of multiple foods today.

healing from lactose intolerance

Changes in Diet to Promote Healing from Lactose Intolerance

There are many alternatives to milk and dairy products that are lactose free.  These are usually a bit more expensive, but by avoiding the effects of lactose on your system, it may be worth the cost.  Be aware of lactose hidden among other ingredients.  You will need to read labels to find such ingredients as milk sugar, whey, curds, milk by products, nonfat dry milk, dry milk solids, casein, galactose, whey protein and skim milk powder.

If you are removing lactose from your diet, you will need to speak with your doctor to determine which mineral and nutrient supplements you will need to take to insure proper nutrition.

Some fillers used in medication contain lactose.  Check with your pharmacist if your lactose intolerance is high and if you take medications daily.  Small amounts may not bother you, but if it is a medication you take daily or more frequently this may affect you.

By determining your level of intolerance to lactose you may be able to still have lactose in your diet.  You can limit the amounts and possibly avoid the symptoms.  You can also include products such as milk and cheese with other foods, lessening the effects if your tolerance is less severe.

Products Marketed to Treat Lactose Intolerance

There are multiple products on the market today to help manage the effects of lactose intolerance. A lactase enzyme either in liquid or powder forms can make some foods containing lactose more tolerable.  There are lactase tablets that you can take prior to eating or drinking foods or liquids that contain lactose.

Is There a Solution for Lactose Intolerance?

On the market today there is a treatment program that advertises it is a solution for lactose intolerance.  Lactagen is said to be a program which after 38 days frees you of lactose intolerance.

The Lactagen program is designed to reverse the damage in the intestine and return the digestive tract to its normal state.  It is set up in three stages.  The first stage heals any existing inflammation or irritation caused by lactose intolerance.  The second stage retrains the microflora in the intestine to break down lactose. The last stage is a reintroduction of lactose back into your diet.

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