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Healing Energy Share for Sunday ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:41pm

Healing Energy Share for Sunday
August 27, 2006

What Would Buddha Do For People Who Are Suffering?

In order to save living beings,
They volunteer to descend into
All the hells that are attached
To all the infinite worlds

Vimalakirti Sutra 8

Who are those people who descend even into hell to help others? These are the bodhisattvas, the wise ones. Who are the bodhisattvas? They are any one of us who act for the good of all. Does this sound like a bit too much pressure for you right now? Okay, why not start by descending into the kitchen and making dinner for some suffering person. If it's hot and seems to take an eternity, you'll know you've made a good start.

By the way, there's another text that talks about Buddha smiling radiantly throughout the universe and then creating an image of himself in hell so the poor souls there will be reborn in the realms of humans and gods. Hey, we all do what we can; let's start with the kitchen.

Franz Metcalf, What Would Buddha Do?

Aloha kakou! I'd like to welcome a new participant to the energy, Heidi Fruhling, who hails from Colorado. I met Heidi recently through the Distant Healing Network, and it's a pleasure to have her join. Welcome, my friend.

I've posted a a little poem by Yeats, 'The Cat and The Moon', eloquently expressing all the things that I love so well (cats and dancing to the moonlight). and which I feel represents the underlying meaning of my blog.
And, a couple of message from Burt Goldman, who offers insight on using your power. How to exercise it over the events in your life and in communication. They felt significant for me as I generally operated in the feminine mode of reception, and found it very difficult to be more outgoing in the masculine mode. You'll see what I mean when you read them.

I joyfully acknowledge the boost of energy from you and welcome it with open arms. I also send you a boost with LOTS of love, light, and hugs.

Help yourself to the boost I send to you and enjoy it fully. Enjoy every moment and live the passionate life you intend it to be.

Namaste, (I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells)


1. Lydia Smith-Lenardson, Moreno Valley, California, USA
2. Lynn Wilson, Manchester, England, UK
3. Judy Oliver, Silver Spring, MD, USA
4. Joan Anderson, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
5. Sandra Richer, Banff, Alberta, Canada
6. Lena Goon, Banff, Alberta, Canada
7. Mari Hayama, Berkeley, California, USA
8. Veronica Hansen, Sarina, Queensland, Australia
9. Mirjam Kik, Oude, Tonge, The Netherlands
10. Andy Cooper, Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China
11. Sheryl Morris, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
12. Andy Yantha, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
13. Karen Becker, Carver, Minnesota, USA
14. , Omaha, Nebraska, USA
15. Joseph Bennett, Ventura, California, USA
16. Steve and Karen Edwards, Gunnislake, Cornwall, England
17. Rev. Patricia Lusher, Berlin, Vermont, USA
18. Patricia Blundon, Pembroke,Ontario
19. Violet Moreau, Pembroke,Ontario
20. Brian Ramage, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
21. Brian Yeates, Dublin, Ireland
22. Dunni Olasehan, Lagos, Nigeria
23. Austin Ndego, Lagos, Nigeria
24. Gurjinder Strom, Miami, Florida, USA
25. Natasha Adair, Olney Springs, Colorado, USA
26. Amy Manuel, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
27. Janet Kinge, Basingstoke, UK
28. Janet Henningsen, Indialantic, Florida, USA
29. Sister Mary Mebane, Santa Maria, California, USA
30. Denise Matthews,Nottinghamshire, UK
31. Meelah Rasheed, Columbia, South Carolina, USA
32. Chandra Madrona, Tacoma, WA, USA
33. Eve Hale, Hampshire, England, UK
34. Sandy Kolman, Belleville, Illinois, USA
35. Hilary Bisaillon, Yorktown, Virginia, USA
36. Heidi Fruhling, Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA

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