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Healing Energy Share for Sunday ...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:23pm

Healing Energy Share for Sunday
June 4, 2006

Transcendence: Sacred Surrender

Act for the common good. Your sacrifice will be made sacred through clear purpose and pure intention.

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Dr. Usui's successor, showed us the meaning of sacrifice made sacred when he created his own transition (made himself die) rather than betray the Reiki ideals and traditions. So, too, we must learn to sacrifice unworthy qualities such as pride, arrogance, or greed, in order to live a life of transcendence.

The opposing forces within this archetype are transcendence or surrender and defeat or holding tight. To transcend means to pass beyond a human limit. To live in this sphere all the time is not humanly possible, nor is it desirable. To surrender our will to the will of God is a spiritual goal, but we cannot avoid responsibility for our own human actions and our own human life. We surrender our will and transcend our lower human selves only after we have done all that is humanly possible to remedy a particular situation. In this way, we have done our part and have fulfilled our covenant to move into spirtuality through our material world.

Transcendence is based upon trust. If we trust the spirit world, we surrender our will to the One Will and thus transcend earthly concerns. On the other hand, we experience spiritual defeat when we hold tight to something that is not working. Or if we refuse to let go of controlling another person.

But it is not just control of others and of ideas that we surrender. If we do not want a spiritual defeat, we must learn to surrender our human power into the hands of Spirit, of All That Is, of our Source. There is no defeat for our soul.

Consider whether you may be called upon to make a sacrifice. If you work well with the concept of surrender and transcendence, it may be that you need to be more grounded to the earth and its principles. Do not become too lofty and spacey. Keep your feet on the ground and move along the continuum toward the middle. Perhaps you may be holding on too tight to ideals and principles that are outdated or outmoded and are no longer working for the good of someone you love.

REFLECT on what it is you need to let go of. This surrender is not just letting go but placing your own human will in alignment with the One Will. Act for the common good.

AFFIRM with feeling: "I sanctify my Reiki path with willingness and joy. As above, so below.

Archetypal Reiki, Dorothy May

Aloha, everyone! Well, I'd like to share briefly with you the wonderful Memorial Day celebrations we had last weekend. I left with my sister and her kids in a convoy of Palauans from the southern California San Bernardino area last Friday at 1am and returned Monday evening around 9pm. Beautifully sunny, a bit chilly and windy in Hayward (in the Bay area about 20 minutes southeast of San Francisco). 2 days at a local park, about 50-60 people and children in attendance, Saturday church service, more singing and talking story that night at one family's house, Sunday basketball competition and performances by the youth group. Plus the typical Palauan feasts that feed more than double or triple the number of people attending.

Traditional custom dictates the host party provides enough food for everyone to have 3 - 4 helpings of food piled a mile high on each plate and, at the end of the gathering, take home a couple of days' worth of food to feed their families. I've said before that hunger is a word which does not exist in an islander's vocabulary. Then, a couple of seredipitous reunions - one with my first piano teacher from palau, another with a former elementary schoolmate who now lives in hawaii. Then it all ends with an island style snail-like departure monday morning with a couple of stops at other homes on the way back. More food and long goodbyes naturally.

I had also brought along a friend and former employee, Susan. Ditzy but well-meaning whose life seems to be in a constant financial and familial whirlwind. Often overworked and sleep deprived (which explained the ditziness) she did say she had a wonderful time and felt it was a memorable vacation away from her husband and kids. She struggles with the problems of setting boundaries and exercising good judgement. During the trip she even discovered that chewing betelnut (part of a Pacifica island social custom) had immediately and completely eliminated the urge to smoke. I pointed out the significance of that since the smoking is stress induced and the betelnut chewing ingredients are mood enhancing.

BUT, unfortunately, our return trip home ended in a very nasty way on Monday night in which this woman verbally attacked me, lashing out with insults and demeaning behavior. I immediately realized that I must rescind my intention to employ her in the future and limit our interactions until she is able to regain her balance. I got over the incident and forgave her since I understood the source of her behavior.

So this week, I decided to use this situation as an example of using Reiki and meditations on releasing bound up energy and detachment, cleansing, grounding and balance, then finally with surrender. You can checkout the previous posts and perhaps apply them to situations in your life like this one. I posted them in reverse order so that you can follow along my process from the beginning.

Let us welcome Sister Mary Mebane who hails from Santa Maria, California. Aloha, dear friend! I met Sister Mary through the Distant Healing Network ( when I was assigned to the healing request she submitted on a friend's behalf. Thank you all for continuing to be a part of this joyful encounter, giving as much as you can while receiving and accepting all that you need.

I joyfully acknowledge the boost of energy from you and welcome it with open arms. I also send you a boost with LOTS of love, light, and hugs. Help yourself to the boost I send to you and enjoy it fully. Enjoy every moment and live the passionate life you intend it to be.

Namaste, (I honor the place in you which is of Love, Truth, Light and of Peace)


1. Lydia Smith-Lenardson, Moreno Valley, California, USA
2. Lynn Wilson, Manchester, England, UK
3. Judy Oliver,Vienna, Virginia, USA
4. Joan Anderson, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
5. Sandra Richer, Banff, Alberta, Canada
6. Lena Goon, Banff, Alberta, Canada
7. Mari Hayama, Berkeley, California, USA
8. Veronica Hansen, Sarina, Queensland, Australia
9. Mirjam Kik, Oude, Tonge, The Netherlands
10. Andy Cooper, Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China
11. Sheryl Morris, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
12. Andy Yantha, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
13. Karen Becker, Carver, Minnesota, USA
14. , Omaha, Nebraska, USA
15. Joseph Bennett, Ventura, California, USA
16. Steve and Karen Edwards, Gunnislake, Cornwall, England
17. Rev. Patricia Lusher, Berlin, Vermont, USA
18. Brian Ramage, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
19. Brian Yeates, Dublin, Ireland
20. Dunni Olasehan, Lagos, Nigeria
21. Austin Ndego, Lagos, Nigeria
22. Gurjinder Strom, Miami, Florida, USA
23. Natasha Adair, Olney Springs, Colorado, USA
24. Amy Manuel, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
25. Janet Kinge, Basingstoke, UK
26. Janet Henningsen, Indialantic, Florida, USA
27. Sister Mary Mebane, Santa Maria, California, USA

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