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He's got his dream life

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:23pm
Hi Lydia,

Here is a great case study in rapid personal growth. My comments are at the end. Enjoy.

Mr. Brescia,

I am a 39 year old man. I've been using "self-help" products since I was 16 years old. That means that I've wasted 23 years of my life paying attention to my problems, rather than living a good life. I was one of those people who were permanently messed up, and permanently trying to find a cure for everything that ailed me.

Specifically, my issues revolved around anxiety, insecurity, shame, unworthiness and an endless Gordian knot of other issues that were spawned by these, and the compensating mechanisms that I tried to "make the problem go away". While I have managed to deal with a significant degree of my issues, it wasn't until I used Think Right Now's products (Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now, Freedom from Depression Now) - that I noticed that my day felt different.

I have tried everything, I mean everything! From philosophy and logic to religion, to hard core disciplined mysticism to wishful thinking new-age things, from classical psychology to extremely technical disciplines involving hypnosis. I've tried approaching my issues though the thinking-cerebral approach, to emotional-experiential approaches and the physical action oriented approaches (fire-walking gave me blisters, not peace of mind). I have read, watched and listened to every motivational speaker who markets themselves. I have an unbelievable library of motivational tapes, CD's, videos and books.

So it wasn't like I didn't try to deal with my stuff.

I came across Think Right Now products on the Internet. Seeing as nothing else had made a significant dent in my stuff, I tried the new product out of simple habit, with no hope or expectations. Within about three falling-asleep-to nights, I noticed an unusual sense of calm, peace, well being. It wasn't the forced calm of hypnosis, it wasn't the beige and bland cover up or clipping of highs and lows, and it was as if... an itch had been scratched. There was no pushing or pulling, internal urgency or pressure. The stimulus of my discomfort simply wasn't present. In its place was a simple, quiet sense of ease. It wasn't an empty space, a non-churning space, but a space at ease. Not being sure that it was Think Right Now's product, but interested I continued to fall asleep to it every night.

The effect of well-being is cumulative.

Within about three weeks, a necessary and inevitable confrontation with someone who had always intimidated me occurred. After the incident I was stunned at the sheer equanimity, the sense of "OK-ness", the deep down sense of internal comfort and peace that I had. Not the slightest scrap of nervousness, or worry, or any of my issues coming to the front, even as a very large man was screaming at me and pounding his fist on my desk. Not only was I the eye of the storm, but I was quietly cheerful!

I was sold.

I have since continued to listen to my first title, and to add more. I tried the Freedom from Depression title. I never would have considered it applicable to me--but what the heck! I was wrong. Sometimes our stuff is not always what we think it is, and the net effect of this title was that suddenly, I became active in life, instead of the intense avoiding and loner-hermit behavior I usually practiced. I started getting things done, dieting, exercising, my future seemed to become more real and a glimmer of hope that my future could be different started to take hold.

I am currently listening to Win Friends and Influence People Now - Again, the change is pleasantly confounding. I had always been just short of phobic around people, and was generally disliked for my hard, cold, stand-offish, self-protective manner. I now have zero inclination to get involved in those stupid little ego-battles that I would have a few months ago. Now, people are seeking me out for no other reason than to share my company.

Stranger yet--I actually enjoy their company! I'm rarely at a lack for words, I listen well (and like it!), I joke and banter and get business done. In short, one week's listening to this title has done more for my social skills and graces, my appreciation and acceptance of people than years of studying Dale Carnegie's book.

These CDs are transforming me. Not with rah-rah, forced motivation, but rather with the simple elimination of walls, blocks, barriers, limitation. It's not that my N-R-G is coerced in a different direction, but rather, it seems that the things that I used to have to force against are gone, and now I have a quiet, alive, free-flowing N-R-G where what I want simply becomes an easy and natural way of being. I no longer have to make myself do things; I simply enjoy the natural expression of who I am to express itself with zero efforts and incredible productivity and results. I easily output 100% more N-R-G in a day than I have ever done and it seems effortless.
And it feels really great! In the end, my greatest joy is watching my life transform about me. It is measurable and verifiable, and I feel proud, hopeful, joyful and quietly enthusiastic about getting up in the morning. The changes are all very quiet and subtle, the way that real change is.

Everything that I have dreamed of being and feeling and living is coming around at an astonishing pace. My social life, my business, my health, my inner life are already more than 100% improved. I am now starting to live my dream life. And I have only been using the CDs for about 90 days!

Mike, Thank you.

Frank Marion, Canada


M.B.: Thanks for that great story, Frank. There isn't much I could add, other than to comment on one thing I noticed.

Readers of Frank's story should note than some pretty darn great and helpful information was already in his head. It wasn't being used really, but at least it was stored in his brain.

With the use of our Accelerated Behavior Modification programs, he was then literally able to access all the "knowledge" that he had but wasn't able to act on before. Obviously, there were some large fears that had to be eliminated.

You see, knowledge is not power. It is only potential power... like the potential gained when you stretch a rubber band. The more you pull it back, the more potential power you are creating. It's only when you let 'er rip that you can see and feel the true capability stored in the rubber band.

There are a whole lot of people that are wasting a whole lot of potential in many areas of their lives, unable to do what they know is right and good for them.

So if you have been on Earth for a while, you have a storehouse of accumulated knowledge. Many of your beliefs and attitudes are not accurate. And they limit you. But many probably are. Those are the building blocks we will expand upon.

For the ones that are not supporting you, that is what the releasing statements in every Think Right Now! program are for. You need to gently but directly pound (condition) the false beliefs out. A group of bad/negative attitudes and a bunch of false beliefs that are currently limiting you and taking away your ability to act are not just going to go away by themselves. They need to be addressed and eliminated. This releasing process is easier and more palatable for most people compared to years of therapy.

So instead of getting angry at Mom, Dad and everyone else all over again, each Think Right Now program works on the assumption that a bunch of junk is in there and goes after cleaning it out...

So you don't have to go scream at your parents or confront them with accusations about things that happened 5 to 40 years ago.

You just let the issues go without having to actually burden yourself with them. This clears the smoke and opens you up to your magnificent future with a whole lot less fussing.

Sound cool?

Then get on over to and start creating your own dream life, as Frank put it.

I love you all,

Mike Brescia
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