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Hazy, Hot, Humid

Posted Jul 05 2010 5:33am
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

New York State and New England area is experiencing a heat wave. I listened to the weather report last night and they were warning all of us to stay in air conditioning. They gave us warning signs of a heat stroke too...(i.e. blurred vision, light-headed). They even went the extra distance and showed us how hot it could get in the car with an internal thermostat.

They demonstrated the temperature with air conditioning in the car and it was 69 degrees Fahrenheit. They turned off the car and left it in the sun for less than a half an hour, came back and read the thermostat and it read 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

In all their warnings and scare tactics, they failed to mention to drink WATER!

When it's the 3 H's: Hazy Hot Humid, it's important to wear loose clothing, stay cool (whether in air conditioning, pool, or near fans) and drink water.

Staying hydrated means to drink WATER (at least 64 ounces per day). A hot day isn't an invitation to drink a cold beer or any alcoholic beverage. Drinking alcohol dehydrates the body.

Think of your 64 oz. of water as your daily prescription. It doesn't matter if you like the taste or not, you have to drink the water because it will keep you healthy. Some people carry their water bottles around and call it their "walking IV's." People take their medications with a frown, but they still take it because they are told it's good for them. Well, so is your water!!! Water is the only FREE prescription you will ever receive. Drink it the same way you down your meds. Just do it.

Drinking soda or juice is not water. Soda and alcohol are not a substitute for water. It may have more taste and flavor than water, but that doesn't mean it's better.

Stay hydrated....drink water. Be good to your tissues and organs.
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