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Have fun assessing your diet (really!)

Posted Feb 08 2010 7:05pm
At this time of year in the sub-tropics we're being flooded in regularly, which means long rainy afternoons at home. (For our friends in the northern hemisphere, we hear that you're having the same experience, but with snow!). 

Now you've got something to do while you're stuck at home. There's a great Australian web site, , which will enable you to check exactly what's in your diet in terms of carbohydrates, fats, protein and fibre. 

They offer a week's free trial of their nutrition planning software too. Go to  and start listing what goes in your mouth. The results may surprise you! (For myself, the software confirmed that yes, I'm eating enough fibre; that there's room for more protein and more calories, but I need to reduce my fat intake.)

How you can use this tool as a meal planner:

People who plan their week's meals in advance are more likely to maintain a healthy diet, rather than people who eat 'on the run' or resort to take-away because they haven't prepared. 

Now that you know what you're eating, and what in your diet needs tweaking, you can use the software as a meal planner. When you've completed a day, and you're happy with the nutrition in it, print it out. Write the month or the season on the page and file it. Next week, or even next year, you can use that day's food plan without having to think too hard about the details.

Did you use the planner? what did you find out about your nutrition? Join the discussion and leave your comment below!

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