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Have a question for Marilyn Yohe, L.Ac., MAOM about Complementary & Alternative Medicine?

Posted by justmepws

Felt nothing, looked on my ankle & huge blister with dark red fluid. On bone, 2 opaque cream egg sacs. 1 size of nickel, other size & shape of cashew nut.Moved out of view by time got home. Eggs in stool for some time. Nurses saw them, had 2 different tests & said right "antigens" were not in test. Soon could not wear even 24kt gold earrings as lobes swelled and sticky clear liquid with tiny round white things came out. Next, started getting fine scratches on legs, arms, back with scabs. Hurt. could touch one and paid would radiate. Skin started with more of these and just small scabs showing up. I now have white scars all over skin. Skin burns like it has been burned with builing water, irritated. Then I get tiny lumps on site of where pain started with no sign of a bite. It feels as if I'm being eaten from inside out. Then, I had a blockage in intestines and had a cholostmy. I have developed "sparles" all over my skin. They are tiny and can see in good light or sunlight. Everyone sends me to someone else. I do not have diabetes but nothing heals the way it did. I leave white things & fingerprints over everything. I know my body. Only sickness was ruptured appendix at 19. This started about 8 years ago. The only doc that actually believed me is now dead and thought it could have been from a bite I got in Haiti over 10 years ago.  My husband saw an opaque "part of a worm" circumfrence size of baby pea come out of my stoma. We tried to pull it out more but I felt it was either attached or really long. Froze, took to doc and he said too old to test. I feel I am dying by these things. I have tried all kinds of herbal cleanses for worms, but these affect my skin. I have tiny bumps that are getting more and more every day. Never had acne and this is not adult acne.  Sometimes "feces" dirt comes out of little bumps. I am at the end of my rope, upsets me, & I know it is what is making me unhealthy. Alternative medicine is needed and I don't know where to go for that. My skin, including cartilege in ear is now misshapen and has tiny scabs on them. I also get raised parts under skin that is whitish, as if there is a knitting needle under skin. Fat and collagen is going too. My skin has gone from fabulous to hideous in less than 8 years. My husband has nothing like this and we share a bed every nights. Thanking you in advance, Pamela W. Sherfy
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