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Has It Been Known That A Colonic Result In The Symtoms Of Parasites Within12 Hours?

Posted by iamjerry

The day after my receiving the first colonic irriagation along with the infusion of an herbal concoction, performed by a hydro therapist, I began to experience extreme rectal itching, movement sensations in my nose and constant sneezing, headaches which I never get, movement and itching in my ears and eyes.  Immediately prior to the colonic, I had none of these symptoms.  These increased more as each day passes.  Despite herbal treatment, the parasitical symptoms have became an “everyday” experience over the last seventy-five (75) days, peaking several times throughout each day. I feel infested and it is disgusting!  How likely would the full on set of symptoms of parasites in a 12 hour period, be caused by a colonic irrigation (assuming the equipment was sterile)? Thank You! JG
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I have to say that I recommend against colonics with my patients....Colonics destroy the naturally-occuring beneficial bacteria which live in your gut...and thus allows dangerous and opportunistic bacterias to take over.   After you receive treatment for your current condition, please use extreme caution in the future and consider discontinuing....
Colonics practitioners are generally NOT qualified herbalists or naturopaths. They are simply technicians, trained in a particular technique. What you describe sounds more like an allergic reaction to whatever they included in the colonic fluid -- stop the colonics. See a naturopath or  holistic MD.
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