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Has anyone tried Mona Vie?

Posted by Celeste M.

A friend of mine was telling me about this all natural fruit drink that is suppose to help heal and support the body. I'm trying to find someone else who has tried this to get some more input.
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I am a Reiki practitioner and have met several families at a local holistic healing center who take Mona Vie.  They have reported significant improvements in the health of their children with autism and drink Mona Vie every day.  I cannot say whether the improvements are a direct result of Mona Vie or whether its due to the complement of therapies the children are receiving - ionized water baths, reflexology, Reiki and Mona Vie.  But the drink is definitely doing no harm.


As to the pyramid question, the term "scheme" seems to apply when there is no real product or one that is actually doing harm and diminishing one's health.



I agree there are pyramid schemes and companies that do as SusanF99 states, but have you ever stopped and drawn out your current job?  Every company in the US is a pyramid.  Draw out the positions of a factory or any in corporate world.  It is all a pyramid.  Every day people go to work to support that pyramid and get the paycheck on Friday.  The scheme comes when a company does not have the product that it says it has.  Our whole governmental system is a pyramid.
Be very, very careful with this or any pyramid ("network") marketing scheme. Do you know that products which sell via network marketing are often overpriced by a factor of 3-4 times? Companies spend as much time in their literature telling you about how you can become a millionaire selling their product as they do making claims for the healthy nature of their overpriced merchandise. In order for these "millionaires" to show up, thousands of people have to lose their hard earned money. Please, don't support pyramid schemes!

I have not, but here are what others are saying.

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