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Happy New Year, Janet! ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:39pm

Happy New Year, Janet!

So good to hear from you...whew, sounds like you guys have been buzzing merrily along! If you don't mind, I'd like to post your friendly update on my blog...

It's been quite busy on this end as well and I have been running a bit behind trying to get caught up on thigs. But overall, we've had plenty of times well spent with relatives and friends in various Palauan communities in California. To recap, my dad flew out spent Thanksgiving with me, my sister and her family. Christmas Eve and the day before that with relatives. Then, finally concluded the year with a couple of New Year's Eve celebrations with Palauan folks who live nearby. They are all Christians who meet every New Year's Eve to get their Bible blessings for the coming year.

I'm in the final preparations for my trip to Palau and getting hyperbaric treatment there. I'll most likely be there for a year. I'm still trying to figure out the international roaming, internet and email options with my current cell phone provider without losing an arm and a leg. Sheesh!

By the way, would you consider making some contributions to the blog and host an energy share once in a while? I'd love to have the input as well as back up if I do run into any complications with communications in Palau.

Thanks so much for keeping in touch and being a fellow healer and friend. What a blessing to have such a circle of friends.

mau riul, aloha, a hui hou,


--- Original Message ----
From: Janet Kinge
To: Lydia Smith-Lenardson
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2007 8:38:42 AM
Subject: Happy New Year

Hi - thought I'd better say thanks for your email (back in September) and sorry for taking so long to reply. My correspondence with everyone has been dismal this year - think I've lost the plot! - its that dreaded black cloud been dogging me again and I've struggled to keep up. Also seemed to have gained two stone in weight from somewhere - not happy about that at all! Anyway, there have been quite a few highlights too, so its not all bad.

Right, thats the whinging done with - so what did we do this year?

Still going to the gym 2 – 3 times a week (then going down to the steam room and sauna – that's my reward!) I have been working 1 day a week since Easter. It' a voluntary job (no pay) with a local mental health organisation that runs training courses for service users (patients) and professionals. I sit in the corner behind a computer doing research for the courses, and doing the rough drafts on the powerpoint presentations. We have set up several new courses this year, so it is very interesting. The courses have been stuff such as Mental Health Awareness, Nutrition and Mental Health, Personality disorders (by the time we had finished -we decided that we sufered from most of them!!) Actually I think I am the sanest one there! (so not much hope for the rest). I've just got a new pair of glasses – they are variafocal – so I am only just getting used to them – haven't fallen over yet!

John has cut down to working 4 days a week now – so he is gradually catching up on all the jobs that he has been getting behind with at home. It's nice to have time with him during the week, as weekends go by so quickly, especially as Sunday is taken up with choir morning and evening. We did a big band concert in the summer at church – that was fun – especially trying to learn the different rhythms and 'swing' the music! We also went and sang at Bath Abbey which was wonderful to be back there again.

Matthew did okay in his AS exams in the summer. He has finally decided which universities he wants to apply for, to do Sound Engineering. We have looked at Guildford , Bristol , Kingston and Birmingham with him, then he went on his own to Leeds and Huddersfield. He likes Huddersfield best, followed by Bristol. He has had to write a long personal statement about himself and his interests (he did put down that he sings in a church choir – normally he won't tell anyone!) So he has got 6 months of hard work in front of him. When he's not studying, he is playing rugby for college and for Basingstoke Academy – so that's 4 lots of muddy kit to wash every week. No wonder the washing machine broke down last month – the brushes were worn right down and needed replacing – fortunately we know a reliable repair man and he came out the next day. He went on tour at Easter with the rugby club to Holland . He has got a part time job at Sainsbury's in the evenings.

Kirsty passed her first year at university. She is really enjoying doing music, music and more music! They went on tour to Venice and Tuscany in the summer and sang in some wonderful places. She is also playing the flute in the chamber orchestra and has joined the operatic society pit orchestra. She was on Songs of Praise at the beginning of the month for about 3 seconds. We recorded the program as we had to go to church so we can watch it in slow motion to spot her! The chamber choir have been going to Windsor at the weekends to do some busking to raise money towards next year's trip - they are going to Madrid.

We went to Snowdonia for our summer holiday – Kirsty went off to stay with a friend in France – so it was the first holiday without her, which was a bit strange. We were very lucky with the weather and climbed seven mountains in a week, including Snowdon – the views were fantastic. We also went mountain biking down some very hairy tracks – Matthew talked us into it!

My mum celebrated her 75 th birthday this year. She is having to go to the surgery to see the nurse every week as she has got another ulcer on her leg. Apart from that she is fine. Johns mum has just had a carpel tunnel operation on her hand – we didn't think they would do anything as she is 93 now – so the NHS is not all bad! Sandra (sister-in-law) has also been in hospital to have her thyroid gland removed - she is recovering okay. And just not to be left out - at the same time as Sandra and mum were in hospital, Fred (John's brother) managed to put his back out again and has been like a bear with a sore head - even a double dose of diazepam didn't help. So we had a few weeks of running around after them all!!

I went and did a Reiki Master course with the people that I did Reiki 1 and 2 with several years ago. There were four of us on the course and we all gelled together well. We did a lot of clearing of emotional issues during the weekend - but it was absolutely fantastic. My hands are still buzzing with the energy! I have got another weekend to look forward to with them in February to do the teaching bit - so that should be fun!

Everyone came to us for Christmas Day. Kirsty had offered to make tea – but she came down with flu and took to her bed - so I ended doing it at the last minute - not that anyone wanted much to eat after dinner. She is okay now and back working at Pizza Hut.

The Christmas services at church went okay - the anthems all came together in the end, though I was worried about some of them. Sam still seems to think we can learn new music in two weeks - I need at least three to feel happier - so there has been quite a lot of stress this year from that direction - despite repeatedly asking her to give us longer to learn things and play them through on the piano first.

I have tried to keep up with your blogspot - it has helped me keep the candle of hope flickering - and it is good to know that there is the energy share as well - so thanks for that - and keep up the good work.

All for now

Wishing you a very happy New Year



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