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Guide to Unblocking Lymph Nodes

Posted Apr 08 2010 1:10am

Did you know that your lymph nodes can become blocked? Sometimes this is referred to as a sluggish lymphatic system. Sometimes, it means that the nodes are actually blocked – by mucus, fluid, or even bone. In either case, blocked lymph nodes can make you feel really bad, and they can cause poor health. Luckily, for either blocked or sluggish lymph nodes, there is something that you can do to rectify the situation.

guide to unblocking lymph nodes

Understanding Your Lymphatic System to Unblock Lymph Nodes

The lymphatic system is made up of a series of nodes, glands, ducts, and vessels. The tonsils, the spleen, the appendix, the thymus, and more are all a part of this system. These parts are filled with fluid, and when that fluid cannot freely move as it was intended to, the lymph nodes are blocked.

This fluid must move freely through the system as this is what carries toxins and wastes through and out of the body – through urine, sweat, and feces. When this isn’t happening, you feel bad, and you may even gain weight. Many people are surprised at the weight that they start dropping when their lymphatic system is working correctly – without even dieting.

How to Tell if Your Lymph Nodes are Blocked

When the lymph nodes become blocked, it causes the entire lymphatic system to become sluggish. When this happens, you may experience pain, bloating, deposits of cellulite, swelling or inflammation, and you may feel tired and lack energy.

Studies have shown that often when a woman is overweight her lymphatic system isn’t working correctly due to blockage. Approximately 80% of all overweight females have a sluggish lymphatic system. When the problem was corrected, for the majority of the women in the study, weight fell off without the woman even trying to lose weight. Fatty deposits and cellulite also naturally went away.

How to Unblock Your Lymph Nodes

Unblocking the lymph nodes is actually quite easy. You simply need to eat healthy foods and cut out junk foods that contain artificial flavors and colors and preservatives. You need to exercise more to keep the systems in your body running properly. You need to drink plenty of water, and you can try adding several different herbs to your diet. These herbs include astragalus, cleavers, pokeroot, Echinacea, wild indigo root, and goldenseal. Additionally, you should participate in deep breathing exercises, as oxygen is what moves the lymphatic systems, as opposed to body organs, such as the heart which pumps blood.

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