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Got Health Boot Camp?

Posted Jan 25 2010 5:46am
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

It's the last week of January...who's sticking to their 2010 intentions? Do you need to kick it up?
It's hard to keep things on track and it's easy to get frustrated.

What's the first thing you need to do to stay on track?
  • Live in the moment you are in
  • Stay focused with the task you are doing in the moment
  • Deter self from getting overwhelmed by staying in the moment
Let's get to boot camp now!

First thing in the morning before you get into the shower, turn on the music to some danceable tunes and move to its rhythm. If you don't feel comfortable with dancing, get on the floor and do 20 sit ups or 50 crunchers. Alternative to laying on the floor is doing leg lifts - do 40 total, 20 each leg.
Music is a great start to the day. It gets the blood moving and your pulse racing in a healthy way.
What's an easy way to getting yourself used to listening to music? Set your alarm to a good music channel or wake up to your iPod or CD's.

When you walk in your environment, where ever it may be, decide to briskly walk between your car and your destination. Forget about that front row parking space. Do the noble thing and leave that space available to someone who is health compromised or handicapped. You are not health compromised get moving!
Going to get that coffee or Latte at Starbucks? Park 6 to 7 spots away from the building and walk in. Avoid that drive-thru.
Are you going to the bank after work? Get out of that car and walk 8 to 9 spaces away from the building. You've been sitting all day at work haven't you? Well, use this time to walk it! Stand up and stretch. If you've been sitting all day, why would you continue to sit and go through a drive-thru?

Let's shake it up people - before February gets here!

Walking the walk, and doing the do.

Think of ways to shake up your every day routine with a walk around something or somewhere. This isn't a suggestion....this is mandatory. This is a health or sickness decision!!!

Decide health and choose to walk somewhere.
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