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Got Chemicals?

Posted Aug 10 2009 2:59pm
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

It's funny how many people don't get it. The Breast Cancer Association collects thousands of dollars to tell us to eat more salad, but don't forget medication and treatment! And, still, they have nothing to tell us regarding those everyday lifestyle habits that could be harming our bodies.

Why is it that antiperspirant deodorant is still on the shelves? Doctors only warn us about this AFTER having breast cancer and a double mastectomy. Antiperspirant doesn't allow us to sweat. This may sound like a nice idea, but think about it...What happens to the sweat? The sweat stays inside and builds up along the underarm. Sweat is a toxin. We are supposed to sweat! Our bodies are designed to perspire and release those built-up toxins. By using antiperspirant, we are inhibiting our bodies from doing a natural process.

Many holistic-minded people know to wear only deodorant without antiperspirant, but the rest of the public goes unwarned. What is wrong with the administration? Why don't more doctors want to inform us to prevent things, instead of waiting for it to happen?

Let's look at hormones and antibiotics (and other chemicals and pesticides) in milk. It's in there, unless you scope out the Organic milk, but why? We know that the hormones and antibiotics are bad for us and yet, they keep pumping it into the supply. Eggs and meat too!
Ever notice that young girls are maturing physically far more than ever before - and at an earlier age?
Wonder why more women are getting breast cancer?

Don't just sign off by saying breast cancer is genetic. It's the lifestyle that is lead that contributes to our health as well as the wrong choices that are given to us at the supermarket. Let's look at restaurants we know for a fact that the meat and eggs are hormone-free and antibiotic-free? Is the milk chemical-free too?
Men don't go unscathed. Men are hormonal creatures too. Men still have breasts and male reproductive organs, and men are still susceptible to cancer.

We are very chemical-sensitive people. When you think it's lactose intolerance, it may just be sensitivity to chemicals, pesticides, and hormones.

Stay alert to what's out there, and continue to pay attention to our bodies. It's the only body we get, and only one chance. This isn't a video game...we don't have three other lives left!

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