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Posted Dec 04 2009 7:16am
Gluten's a hot topic now among nutritionist, holistic health folks, and nearly everyone. What is gluten? It's the protein found in wheat, rye and many other grains. People who cannot tolerate gluten at all get very sick, such as people with Celiac disease. Their bodies treat the gluten protein molecules as if they were invading viruses and it creates an autoimmune problem, which damages the digestive tract. As long as people with Celiac disease avoid gluten in all forms, they're well. If they continue to eat gluten, they destroy their digestive systems.

Last fall, I took an online health coaching course with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo. I like Dr. Ritamarie; she's a lot of fun, very knowledgeable, and a good teacher. I've had thyroid issues since 2006, and doctors can't agree on whether it's really an autoimmune problem or my body was reacting to a mystery virus. Dr. Ritamarie suggested I give up gluten.

"Gluten?" I couldn't imagine life without bread, crackers and other foods. How in the world could they be bad for me?

She explained that more and more, holistic health practitioners believe that gluten allergies or sensitivity may play a role in other autoimmune problems too.

A raw diet eliminates gluten. I'm not entirely there yet. But it might not be a bad idea.
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