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Gluten-Free options more available!!!!

Posted Jun 21 2010 4:48am
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

Hey guess what!!!! Restaurants are catching on to the gluten-free thing!! It's not a trend, it's a lifestyle. A body can only handle so much gluten before it reaches its threshold. Then when that time comes, what do you do? You have to find those foods that are gluten-free...and for a long time it has always been a difficult feat to dine-out.

Well, times are changing...and more and more people are reaching their gluten intolerance.

It's always difficult for the gluten-free person to find something good to eat when they are out at a restaurant. But things are changing!

I can't speak for the whole United States, but in New York State I've seen this awesome change.

At 99 Restaurant (Upstate NY), they have a gluten-free menu. One of the items you can now order is a burger with a gluten-free BUN!!! That's right!! And for those who are vegetarian, there is a portobello mushroom burger on gluten-free buns!

Red Robin Restaurant, they have another bunless option too. Instead of a bread bun they offer your burger choice between two wedges of iceberg lettuce.

Perhaps you may not want a burger and you want a pizza when you are out and about.
Chicago Uno offers gluten-free pizza too! They also serve a whole grain crust as well...and if you are still in the white flour pizza crust craze you may still have it that way too.

It's so refreshing to find restaurants with these gluten-free options. They recognize that people with these sensitivities want to go out too. People who have to eat gluten-free have felt alienated and almost quarantined in their own home because there was never anything for them at restaurants. Things are least in upstate NY restaurants!!!

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