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Get in Touch with your Spiritual Side with Shamanism Healing

Posted Dec 02 2009 7:16pm
With the volatile economy and technological advances getting in the way, it is not hard to lose sight of your spiritual side. Your spirituality and faith are what truly define you and if you lose sight of that, you essentially lose yourself in the process, becoming stressed and even ill. However, shamanism healing can help you reconnect with that lost part of you.

Get in Touch with your Spiritual Side with Shamanism Healing

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms for spiritual healing there is on the planet. Ancient civilizations and cultures have practiced it and today, the Native Americans (among others) have continued the tradition. For hundreds and thousands of years, people have looked to the spirits of the plants, animals, weather and even gods for guidance and help. They believed there is a true link between the human spirit and everything else in life. That is why many cultures have danced for rain and a fruitful crop or performed intricate rituals for fertility or even answers on where to relocate.

What a Shaman Does

A Shaman is in charge of promoting healing – both spiritually and physically. They use the traditions of medicine, magic, spirituality and folklore to help you connect with your true self and hopefully, identify the underlying source of your true problems. A true Shaman learns how to develop techniques for entering trance-like states, sometimes called out-of-body experiences, either through ritualistic chanting and drum playing or even hallucinogenic plants – all while maintaining control of their real world awareness.

Sometimes, a Shaman is like a psychologist, probing for the subconscious sources of pain and suffering. With their rituals and unabashed link to the spiritual world, Shamans can often find the lost pieces of yourself hidden deeply where you may not even realize. Sometimes, despite trying everything you can to find peace, you need a spiritual guide to help and that is what the basis of shamanism healing is. A Shaman helps you go beyond the restraints of your physical body by taking you on a journey to find your soul, the true essence of you. Only by finding yourself can you heal whether it is physically, mentally or both.

Is Shamanism Healing Right for You?

If you have an addictive personality, you should proceed with caution when it comes to shamanism healing. Joining with the Shaman on a spiritual adventure, where you leave your “public” self behind temporarily can be addicting. Some people have retreated into the spiritual world instead of taking what they need during their spiritual journey for their “real” life. Shamanism healing should be like an excellent vacation with fond memories that you can draw on for life. It is not meant as the ultimate escape from the realities of life.

Being a skeptic is ok as long as you have an open mind about alternate ways to reconnect with yourself. Shamanism healing is not right for everyone. You have to believe or at least be open to the fact that healing often comes from within rather than just a pill or drink. Scientific or medical healing practices should not be discounted though. Shamanism healing makes room for western medicine as long as you realize that by healing yourself spiritually can help you make peace and heal your physical body as well.

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