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Futsal World Cup - Brazil 3-2 lore of Spain won your fifth degree

Posted Nov 19 2012 9:35am
Seventh Futsal World Cup finals in Bangkok, Thailand, Brazil, the defending champion to level the score once backward final in overtime 3-2 enlighten Spain. Brazil and Spain carved up before 6 tournament champion, Brazil cut the cloths line shouldn't be much hinder the viewers stage 4-1 make an impression Japan ,13-0 rout of Libya, 3-1 victory over Portugal successfully qualifying, then knockout in 16 - 0 victory over Panama 4-3 Lectra Argentina beat Colombia through the semifinals 3-1 to entitled to the finals.

Spain inside the first round by Iran after Nick Mangold Jets Jersey a 2-2 draw also started their winning streak the interest rate for the remaining two matches of your group stage victory over Panama and Morocco to 8-3 and 5-1, respectively, 1/8 finals 7-1 beat hosts Thailand, accompanied by 3-2 beating Russia 4-1 victory over Italy to get to the ultimate with Brazil. Match the most important half they can be kept had no achievements, the second half the original 24 minutes and 11 seconds, the Brazilian right out the left corner, the the very best player Falcao ball indoor soccer king title beyond Neto Ying-ball burst shot, the ball flying throughout the the idea right end, Brazil rate to sneak the deadlock; a few moments later, in the event the race to 29 minutes and 55 seconds, the Spanish left front kick after kick with long-range kick, Brazil goalkeeper can not get the ball saved, but follow-up of trusts blank range to tie the action towards the Spanish.

The Spanish offensive continues, around 1 minute, Thirty minutes and 56 seconds, the Spain winger tie, Ortiz short pass to search for the 3rd Yi Erka multi latter suddenly Shi Leng Jian gateway ripped through Brazil, Spain 2-1 go-ahead score. 36 minutes and 18 seconds, Brazil consecutive passes inside the other frontier closed area, Falcao received teammates pass, kick explosion shot towards the goal left to tie the score as a consequence into Bart Scott Women's Jersey overtime.

Overtime the primary half both sides couldn't break, the half had time to have a large penalty in Brazil, but was saved by goalkeeper. 49 minutes and 41 seconds, the length the main game will be end of 19 seconds, and Neto in to the future forward, he left choose the ball off a defender directly kicker shot in order to complete lore! Brazil 3-2 defeated opponents, won the 5th Futsal World Cup champion. , Italy, 3-0 victory over Colombia harvest second runner-up in two or three finalists. Lima, Russia's to harvest top scorer with nine goals. Miura, legendary star Liang joining Japan while in the group stages, knockout first round of Ukraine 6-3 eliminated Miura, best to have the measurements and game failed harvest goals. It is composed by nyjets 11.19.2012
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