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Full Buck Moon

Posted Jul 04 2009 9:16pm
Full Buck Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Full Buck Moon at 15* Capricorn will culminate at July 7, 2009 6.23am PST/Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse will culminate 6.40am PST. This is a month to find your strength and steadiness, time to move drama or chaos into workable solutions. What has been out of control has practical ways toward a resolution. No need to hold on to "how things won't change" or "standing by, expecting people to treat you right", gain a foothold, start moving in a direction that best suits the security and the peacefulness of your life. The eclipse is unseen by the naked eye this time, the sun is too far away and only shadows a quarter of the moon. Lunar eclipses are about something going out of your life at this time, it could be hardly noticeable or it could be something that you haven't been paying attention to, but needs your immediate attention to rectify. It's time to observe your actions and reactions. How are you interpreting confusion and commotion. Do you wait until it subsides or do you actively seek clarification and order. Move to dissipate bigger problems and obstructions. The time on the planet is your time, you have the power and ability to change the things that seem impossible. Trust yourself. Call in your sentinels and human angels to guide you and protect you. There are answers to your questions, if you are ready to listen to the answers. And then act on those answers, unafraid and with confidence.

In your Journal:

What drama have you been experiencing? What chaos seems to be around you? What confusion do you find yourself in? How can you clarify the pathway? Take one dramatic problem at a time (money "necessary bills over peripheral bills", career, love, wisdom, happiness, etc...), write out the answer, and then step into an active solution. What is the messages that you are getting? Try to clear up all confusion. Can you decipher the answers to your life's questions? What pressing problems have been on your mind? What have you found to help those problems? What creates worse problems? Are you aware what path NOT to take --- In relationships? With your family? In your job? With your goals? What path seems clear to take --- In relationships? With your family? In your job? With your goals? Is your mind in overwhelm? How are you handling your stress? What precautions are you taking with your health? Are you getting carried away in the confusion? Or are you working for solutions? How meaningful do you find your life? How meaningful do you find your job or career? As you meditate, bring your shining light all throughout your body -- remember there is no fear.
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