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Posted Jan 14 2009 7:39pm


Learn the Traits of Attraction Masters

No matter what your heart's desire is - whether large or small - you can make it happen by following the recipe to your dreams shared by teachers of the Law of Attraction.

And it isn't as hard as you think!

You'll quickly discover the characteristics of people who have connected with the power of intention and how easy it is to start living like a master of manifestation.

What are the characterstics of successful Attraction Masters like Esther Hicks?
An important aspect to unlocking the true power of attraction for yourself, it is important to first understand that what you create and manifest; should not be influenced by others — but instead, be a compelling desire for success stemming from YOURSELF.

A quote from Jerry and Esther Hicks summarizes the kind of mental shift that you must accomplish before true Attraction happens:

In order to effect true positive change in your experience, you must disregard how things are — as well as how others are seeing you — and give more of your attention to the way you prefer things to be.

Law of Attraction

Goal-setting and asking the Universe for your desires is important, but for those of us who are uncertain of our goals should first come to terms with themselves and their desires instead.

Here’s a list of characteristics that masters of Attraction that we have observed have in common:

Reality Bending

People who have achieved Attraction mastery have an efficient view of ALL reality. They have NO fear of the unknown, and have the ability and the spontaneity to follow their intuition in order to CREATE their own realities.


Attraction masters have accepted that the realities that they have created in the past are of their own doings. They are responsible for what they have created and they have come to terms with it. They are fully responsible for what they manifest into their lives.

They also accept who they are. They accept that they are emotional, feeling people, and that what they want are more strongly attracted if they FEEL what they want.

The Now

Attraction masters DO NOT DWELL IN THE PAST OR THE FUTURE. They exist in the NOW. Creation happens in the present.

However, these masters understand that although that setting goals for the future and learning from their mistakes in the past is important, but they also realize that dwelling in anything other than the NOW would only bring them unnecessary worry - and in turn, attract negativity into their lives.

Change and Movement

Spontaneity and a constant desire for change and movement allow for the Attraction master to move towards the direction that the Universe guides them towards. People who are fixated with stagnancy do not attract — instead, they remain victimized by the lack of change that enters their lives.

“I can’t get no Sa-Tis-Fac-Tion”, screamed Mick Jagger. It rings more true for the Law of Attraction.

Having Fun!

Creation is incredibly fun! Masters who have achieved understanding of the Law of Attraction are ecstatically happy people who are more than happy to share their abundance of happiness. Enligtenment and the understanding of Attraction brings infectious joy and laughter to those who truly understand it.

Some of our favorite attraction masters such as Esther Hicks, excude these characteristics all the time.

In Esther and Jerry Hick’s Book, The Law of Attraction, widely featured in the original version of The Secret, describes a process to improve the manifestation process through ’segmenting’ life in stages and intending the things that you desire at a smaller scale in order to achieve the BIG goals.

Breaking up the big goals into smaller goals make them easier to achieve. Having successfully accomplished a smaller goal also adds to motivates to accomplish other goals as well. Its a great cycle of success!

Here’s a great visualization trick in order to experience and hold on the emotions of HAVING WHAT I WANT, and in turn use to improve and accelerate the process of segment intending.

Step 1: Identify the Segment

First identify the segment of your life that you will be entering.

For example:

It’s Monday morning after a relaxing weekend and a potential client is expecting to meet you for a presentation on an important project. You are riding the elevator up to her office and even though have already rehearsed the presentation, feel a little nervous about the meeting.

Step 2: Enter the Space

Close your eyes and visualize a space which you feel most comfortable in. I usually imagine my dream house, a lovely beach-front cottage on a breezy Sunset. The space that you choose to visualize yourself in must bring you a sense of calm and overwhelming joy to be in.

Experience how it feels to be in this space and prepare yourself to do a little work.

Step 3: What do you want from the Segment

While in your space, ask yourself what you want from this Segment.

For example (based on the above):

I want to give a flawless presentation.
I want a signed contract from a happy, grateful, and optimistic client.

Now that you have identified what you want, we must deliberately intend it to happen…

Step 4: Visualize and Experience what you want

In your space, imagine the events of your desires as reality. For example, the feeling of giving a flawless presentation and how confident and clear it was. Or what it feel like as a client signs on the contract and gives you a warm handshake.

Experience the emotions that you would feel as you visualize this. And as much as possible, experience the emotions right down to the smallest detail.

Experience how these emotions affects you physically as well, once again to the smallest detail. How do your hands feel? Are they warm? How does your stomach feel? Are there butterflies?

How does feel to HAVE what you WANT?


Now, fully experiencing these emotions, consciously submit your request to the Universe; ALLOW your manifestation happen whole-heartedly.

Open your eyes - and begin living the Segment as you WANT and HAVE. And what you visualize will surely come to you as much as your heart desires.

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