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Friday, 23 October 2009 17:45 - Health Tips Newsletter April 2009

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:01pm

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April 2009
Monthly Health Tips Newsletter

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This issue contains:

Seasonal Allergies - Natural Solutions

The Power of Words to Influence You

Seasonal Allergies ~ Natural Relief
Has anybody noticed that the days are getting longer, and the sun seems a little stronger than usual? I know it's April, but could it be that spring is on its way in Canada? For many of us the idea of spring brings thoughts of being outside, enjoying life, and letting go of the old winter doldrums. But wait a minute! Not everybody enjoys the spring - what about those with allergies? I mean allergies to grasses, pollens, trees, ragweed, and other common allergens, that bother us between the melting snow and the frost of October. Allergy season is the season that literally millions of people dread. Actually you can get seasonal allergies at any time of the year -- it just depends to what you are allergic. If it's dust or mold, then you are more likely to first experience symptoms in the Fall when the furnace is turned on and you close the windows; and to find them easing in the Spring, when you do the opposite.
Most people think of allergies as starting in the spring and often going through until the first frost. This is when people who are allergic to grasses and pollens have a really bad time. The symptoms of nasal congestion (rhinitis), and itchy, watery eyes (conjunctivitis), are more than some can bear. Perhaps the worst symptom of all is the extreme fatigue that accompanies these symptoms. Some are luckier than others -- they get a short season of pollen allergy in the first part of spring and then they are free. Others have allergy symptoms all summer long with symptoms of reactivity to grasses in the mid-summer months, and then finally ragweed beginning around August 15th. However long you have symptoms, they are always miserable although never serious, unless you have asthma as well.
Allergies occur when the immune system overreacts to a harmless substance. Your body is trying to defend itself against a foreign invader, much as it would against a bacteria or virus that could cause you an infection. Thus it mounts an immune response - rallying the forces against this intruder. Since you are continually breathing in the substance, your loyal body continually tries to defend against it. What a mistake -- grasses and pollens are actually harmless!
When allergies occur the body releases histamine, causing increased secretions and inflammation which cause the symptoms that make you feel so miserable. Drugs that prevent histamine release are called anti-histamines, and there are many on the market. They can reduce symptoms, but they do not cure the problem. They can also produce nasty side-effects such as drowsiness and more of the fatigue you already have. The newer anti-histamines such as Claritin and Reactine are less apt to cause these side effects, but still seem to in some people. You certainly can't go running through those green fields as the advertisements on television would suggest!
There are more 'natural' approaches you might want to try. Anything that can reduce histamine release may help. Here are some natural supplements that may help, and certainly won't hurt to try:
  • Vitamin C -- 1000 mg. 3-5 times daily taken through the day with meals. Do not use the timed release variety for this purpose. Vitamin C is an anti-histamine in large doses
  • Pantothenic Acid -- one of the B complex vitamins -- in a dose of 250 mg twice daily with meals. This is often sold as Calcium Pantothenate.
  • Citrus Bioflavinoids in a dose of 500 mg. three times a day with meals. All of the above tend to stabilize the mast cells -- those cells that react when the allergen is inhaled and produce histamine. You will need to take all of these
    through the whole season in which you usually manifest symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies can also be helpful. They are very dilute samples of what you are allergic to, and must be taken beforethe season starts. Pollens 30CH (Borion) are a homeopathic mixture of Canadian pollens and grasses (including Ragweed), obtainable from most health food stores and some pharmacies in Canada. They come in packs of 6 doses, each dose being in one small tube. You place the whole tube of granules under the tongue, and let them dissolve, once a week through the season. Homeopathic remedies should be taken in a clean mouth - between, or one hour before meals, and without the interference of toothpaste or mouthwash, that may inactivate them. If you know exactly what you are allergic to you can take individual homeopathic remedies such as mixtures of Grasses or Pollens or even Dust Mix. They should be taken in gradually increasing doses following the directions on the bottle -- and often come in liquids, in a glycerin or alcohol base. All homeopathic remedies can be taken in addition to the vitamin supplements mentioned above. Homeopathic remedies have no side effects, and have been shown to be superior to placebo in properly conducted clinical trials. For Ragweed sufferers, there is an antigen called Pollinex R. This is a prescription medication of modified ragweed that can be injected once a week by your doctor for four weeks beforethe onset of the Ragweed season which begins like clockwork on or about the 15th August. Ask your family doctor to give this to you. None of the above will cause the nasty side-effects of some of the anti-histamines, and are often as, or even more, effective. Regular allergy shots can also be given by your family doctor, but they often have to be given for many years before they work.
Make sure you have a proper diagnosis before you self-treat any health condition. That is, if you have a dust allergy through the year, but minor or absent symptoms, you have allergies to pollens and grasses, then it helps to reduce the total load of allergies by reducing your exposure to dust as much as possible. So first reduce exposure as much as possible to any allergen; then take the vitamin supplements listed, and then add the homeopathic remedies. The positive effects of all of the above suggestions are, of course, enhanced by a healthy diet and good stress management.

We answer readers' questions - send your questions in and see the answer next month!

Thanks for reading this month's newsletter. See you next month!

Healthy Tips Short and SimpleRed apple~News to Use
There are four basic principles to health:
1. Good nutrition
2. Good exercise
3. Good thinking and emotional states
4. Good self-care
These embrace the mind, body and spirit of good health and well-being. Each monthly tip(s) will address one or more of these principles. These health tips are short and simple. All tips, where applicable, are based on quality research that is being done in the medical field. You will see links throughout the newsletter to take you to more detail if you wish...or you can simply read what's here.
The Power of Words!
Nobody would deny that words are powerful. Words can persuade, manipulate, encourage, frustrate, and bring joy and tears. Often however, these effects happen at the unconscious level. Frequently we have no idea, particularly say in the words of advertisers, that we are being persuaded by words. In the hands of advertisers words can be money - big money. However that aside, have you ever wondered how you can use words on yourself to create emotional states that are positive and uplifting?

People practising the psychology of Neurolinguistic Programming or NLP can do that. Using words in a positive way to create positive emotional states is also something that you can learn to do yourself. I will give you an example and then ask you to experiment with it in your life.

Recently, I was listening to my friend and colleague John Overdurf ( ) give a training in NLP. He was demonstrating the power of what is called anchoring.  He was actually using the word "powerful" itself, in order to help a client access a particular resource state where they wanted to feel empowered and strong. The way that he said the word with the emphasis on the "P" - POWerful! - almost spitting it out - resonated with me.  It actually began to create that feeling inside me.  I didn't think anything else of it until I was on the squash court one morning. I suddenly decided that with each strike of the ball, I would say the word POWerful! out loud with the same tone of voice and emphasis that John had said it with his client - almost spitting it out of my mouth. It wasn't long before my forehand and backhand strokes had become exactly that - powerful, strong, and forceful. I felt really good, and the strokes seemed to get better and better the more I said the word out loud. I made sure that I said the word exactly as my racquet struck the ball - POWerful! In NLP this is known as anchoring. Anchoring is a way of attaching a word, a visual image, or a sound to a positive emotional state. Anchoring is a natural experience that occurs in our everyday lives frequently - think of a song that comes on the radio that reminds you of something way back in the past, and you feel the feelings you felt then.  Remember that aroma as you walk into your favorite restaurant and notice what happens inside your mouth and stomach! Those are anchors. It's automatic and unconscious.

Now, if you want to anchor yourself to a positive state then you can do it very simply by choosing a word like I did, and saying the word to yourself, hearing it in your head, as you reach the peak of whatever emotional state it is that you want to feel. Visualizing yourself in that state will help. In my case the sound of the word - saying it out loud with the emphasis on the POW-erful! coupled with the sound of the ball hitting the racquet actually enhanced my shot remarkably. I am going to put it into action the next time I play that guy whom I have never beaten in squash yet! Have fun with anchoring and let me know how it works for you.

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