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Free Online Acne Case-12: Pimples and Papular Acne Worse in Summer

Posted Dec 05 2009 6:36am

A 25-year-old female computer operator from Hyderabad suffering from pimples and papular acne eruption for last 24 hours. These eruptions are mainly affecting her forehead, chin, and cheeks and mainly worse in summer. She has tried antibiotics in the past, but upon stopping the antibiotics the eruptions returned and she is afraid of side effects of long use of antibiotics so she is considering trying homoeopathic medicines.

She describes as her problems as “one ball like hard pimple is coming on my chin / cheek / forehead. After that it is becoming large and at that time it is very paining. After that it is having a head and from that an whitish / yellow color pus is coming and some small pimples without heat boils with ,pus are also coming around my face.”

Until now she has used “Minoz OD tablets for about 6 months (daily dosage one tablet)
Crixan Zel ointment Glacex tablets. (daily dosage - 2 Tablets).”

The acne eruptions do suppurate quite much and the skin is dry.

Reportedly, her menstrual periods are normal and they have no relation to acne.

The patient is advised that she should benefit from Natrum Mur 30c 3-4 pills weekly. She should stop taking medicines as soon as she notice any changes better or worse and to report here
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