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Four ways to survive the 2010 cold and flu season

Posted Apr 19 2010 10:59pm

Its happening already. You've probably noticed many people around you are already coming down with colds and flu. Although there are many great remedies for treating a viral infection, prevention is always easier than treatment once you're sick; so here are some tips to help you stay well.

Why do so many people get sick from now on? Some of us are naturally more susceptible to seasonal changes, so this is the time that their immunity is at its lowest ebb. Also, as the days shorten and cool, people spend more time indoors, breathing stuffy air. Air-conditioned air is an ideal environment for spreading germs.

To boost your immunity for the coming months, your nutrition should be optimal; avoid those winter pies and pastries!

  • Continue enjoying a salad as one of your main meals of the day, but make it a 'warm' salad by including freshly cooked meat or a warm egg.
  • Keep eating two pieces of fresh raw fruit every day. Raw fruit and vegetables contain far more vitamin C than their canned cousins.
  • High quality protein like meat, fish and eggs contain concentrated zinc, iron and minerals that will help your body build up your immune system.
  • On cold mornings, when its hard to get out of bed, an excellent immunity booster is hot water with a squeeze of lemon, a little fresh grated ginger and honey to sweeten.

Get out into the fresh air as much as possible. Keep up your exercise routine during the cold months; even if you have to wear lots of layers to brave the morning frost on your walk!

Many people have a home natural remedy kit on hand just in case they feel a cold or flu coming on. This could be specific herbs, homoeopathic remedies or nutrients that have worked well for you in the past. If you don't already have a 'flu stopper' remedy on hand, see your naturopath who can recommend the right one for you. (If you're already one of my clinical clients, call me and I'll make up the best remedy kit that suits you.) Take your remedy to work with you, as if you start to feel unwell, don't wait to take action. A cold or flu is best warded off immediately – every hour counts.

If, despite your best efforts, you feel that you've caught a cold or flu, rest is essential. Taking a day off is difficult for most of us, but essential for your immune system to fight the bugs. Not only will your cold/flu pass faster, but you'll be in better shape to fight off the next round of viruses. All the supplements in the world won't help if you ignore this need for rest. I regularly treat people who have been sick for months because they chose to 'soldier on' during a flu early in the year. Don't become one of them.

So, remember: good nutrition, fresh air, a home remedy kit on hand 'just in case' and plenty of rest are your keys to staying virus-free this winter. Good luck!

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