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Followups on Acne-Case-4-and 1-year-old Boy With Frequent Cold And Excessive Head Sweating

Posted Oct 27 2009 5:22pm
Acne case
The patient asked advice regarding acne scar. I advised the patient to avoid squeezing the acne as it is main cause of acne scar. After doing so she noticed remarkable improvement in her acne. I further advised her to apply lemon juice on her acne scar and also to avoid any hand touching to the face and excess hair oil use. The patient is asked about her sleeping hours as lack of sleep often causes aggravation in skin problems. She is advised to try to take at least 8 hours sleep at night. She is also asked about changes in her symptoms both related to acne and menstrual and general symptoms since being on Nat Mur 30C.

Follow up on 1-year-old boy with frequent cold and excessive head sweating.
This boy who is having frequent and chronic cold, cough, and fever is being successfully treated for his second episode of cold exacerbation with fever with Puls, Ipecac, and Ferrum Phos. His excessive sweating in head is usually not present. He has no fever since last three days, but does have runny nose and always wanting someone to be near by him. Mother is advised to give him Puls 30c three dose at 10 minute interval. I am hoping to solve his tendency to take frequent cold and fever in about six months to one year.
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