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Follow These Basic Japanese Eating Rules for a Longer Life Expectancy

Posted Dec 02 2009 3:22am
While many people all over the civilized world are leading longer, fuller lives, it is the Japanese that has the world beat in regards to life expectancy. In fact, they lead the United States (second in the world in regards to life expectancy) by as much as five years! The secret to living a long life is clean living and eating right, something the Japanese have been doing for centuries. In fact, they have one of the lowest incidences of diabetes, cancer and heart disease worldwide.

Follow These Basic Japanese Eating Rules for a Longer Life Expectancy

Adopting a few Japanese practices in regards to nutrition can help you get on the right path for living longer and staying healthy. While the Japanese do love their treats, most of their eating habits are healthy and simple to follow.

Eat from the Sea

The Japanese eat a lot of fish, particularly sushi, a main staple in their diets. Fish is heart healthy, thanks to the essential fatty acids called omega 3. Americans eat little fish and other seafood in their diet as a whole, which accounts for higher incidences of heart disease. Eating seafood two to three times a week can greatly improve your health and longetivity.

Small Size It

Today’s Americans are sometimes called the “super size” generation. The high rate of obesity and obesity-related diseases certainly relate. However, with the Japanese, they tend to eat smaller meals. You can easily reduce your portions of food by using smaller plates like the Japanese. Opt for salad plates instead of larger dinner plates. Trick your brain into thinking you are eating a lot by filling a smaller salad plate with your dinner.

Choose Brown Rice

Brown rice is a main staple in many Japanese diets. It is a lot healthier than white rice options because it has complex carbohydrates that fill you up and offer more nutrition. Brown rice has vitamins E and C along with other antioxidants like alpha and beta carotene. It even has folic acid which aids in optimal blood health. With little saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol, brown rice is a flavorful addition to a healthier diet.

Daily Green Tea

Many Japanese drink green tea daily. It is full of antioxidants which fight free radicals that attack the body, from simple sun damage to cancer and cardiovascular disease. Drinking two or more cups of green tea a day can greatly improve your health.

Raw or Steamed Vegetables

Another staple in the Japanese diet is raw or steamed vegetables. Full of vitamins and minerals, there is plenty of healthy antioxidant action going on with a diet full of vegetables. They are often served with noodles, rice, one pot meals and even for snacks.

Fruits are not often a major part of the Japanese diet, mainly because they are so expensive in Japan. For this reason, fruit is viewed as a dessert or treat and savored. Basically, longetivity in the Japanese is due to little red meat and lack of heavily processed refined foods in their diets. If you can stick with one or all of their simple diet rules, you too can reach a long life expectancy.

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