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Flu Facts and Nail Diagnosis

Posted May 20 2009 11:37am
Just the Facts on the Flu

During the flu epidemic of 2003-04 about 36,000 people died. Most of the deaths were in the older than 65 age group, but some were in the 50-65 range and 143 children were in the reported statistics. What is important to note is that the number of deaths and hospitalizations were not significantly more than in previous epidemics. In fact - an epidemic of flu occurs every year in the US.............

Diagnose Disease from your Nails

Washing your hands is such an important part of avoiding the flu that you are probably dealing with dry skin as well. Something for you to notice when you putting on that hand lotion is your nails. They are an early warning system to let you know about possible problems.

The most commonly seen symptoms are

  • spoon-shaped nails can be an indication of Anemia, thyroid disease or heart and lung disorders.

  • Reddish-colored half-moons near the cuticle can be an indication of heart or lung disease.

  • Nails that are completely white or have white lines parallel to the cuticle can indicate liver disease.

  • When at least half of the nail closest to the cuticle is white that can be a sign of kidney disease.

You might wonder why heart or lung disfunction could cause a change in the nails. Simple - blood supply.

Side note, when I was talking with my doctor about my thyroid I mentioned my nails curving like cat claws. She did not even look at them, she also said many things including heredity can cause that. I have been on a thyroid supplement for several months now and I don't have cat claws anymore. As for heredity - every female on my mother's side of the family has had a thyroid problem.

Artificial nails hide any signs of potential problems. If you are having surgery, your surgeon will insist that those nails come off. Oh the choices we have to make. I loved my artificial nails. I stopped wearing them when I started a pottery class. It took so very long to get healthy strong nails after that - I just never went back. They are not healthy - but they sure are pretty.

I think my daughter would probably like me to get my nails done for her wedding. But, between gardening (I know I should use gloves but I like the feel of the earth) moving rocks and daily cleaning chores my whole hands not just my nails are a little the worse for wear. Don't think nails would help that much. My nails are strong now which is why I use them to chip at things - a very very bad habit.

until next time - smile and see the positives in your life
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