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Flatulence linked to lowering blood pressure

Posted Oct 24 2008 3:05am

blood-pressure Flatulence linked to lowering blood pressure According to the latest research in the US, farting may provide the answer to treating people who suffer with high blood pressure. But those around you needn’t worry as the treatment doesn’t involve freedom to break wind more!

The gas that is released when we break wind is generated in the gut by bacteria and contains small amounts of hydrogen sulphide which is responsible for the foul smell. However, researchers have discovered that enzymes present in blood vessels also produce the gas and it can lower blood pressure.

High levels of hydrogen sulphide is bad for health, but it seems low levels are essential for the body and this study from the John Hopkins University in Maryland may lead to new treatments for high blood pressure.

Researchers found an enzyme called CSE is responsible for producing gas in cells that line the blood vessels. With this new information that hydrogen sulphide regulates blood pressure, therapies may be available for the treatment of hypertension.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, can lead to a number of conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. Find out more about high blood pressure and alternative medicine therapies that can help here


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