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Fitness for Kids

Posted Mar 27 2010 3:05am

With all the video games and computer games and sedentary pastimes out there enticing our kids to sit and stare at a screen we have to work harder these days to insure that your kids get enough physical activity to stay fit and healthy.

Fitness for Kids

Fitness for Kids to Maintain Health

Childhood obesity is reaching epic proportions.  There are more and more children spending countless hours in front of a television or computer screen and doing less physical activity.  Combine this sedentary lifestyle with the massive amounts of unhealthy junk foods out there today and we have a recipe for disaster for our kids’ physical health.

Fitness for Kids Begins at Home

By starting to teach your kids good habits of physical fitness and good nutrition during their youth, you are giving them a great start that will continue on throughout their lives.

Involving the whole family teaches your child that good health is a priority.  Lead by example.  Evaluate what you and your spouse do for exercise and what you eat. You cannot tell a child one thing and do another and expect them to just do it.

Encourage your children to engage in activities to improve or maintain their physical fitness.  This can be school sports or fun family activities at home.  Walks, bike rides and hiking.  Kids love to swim and that is fantastic exercise.  If you want your kid to exercise you are going to have to be inventive and make it enjoyable or they are simply not going to do it.

Some Suggestions for Fitness for Kids

Remember you may have to get creative to help your kids get fit and stay that way. Here are some tips to get you started.

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