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First…… Sow No Panic

Posted May 03 2009 10:37pm

Great articles in the days NY Times. First, Elisabeth Rosenthal a doctor and reporter who was in China during the SARS outbreak reminds us of the value of the basics- handwashing and being outside in fresh air and sunshine.  A very telling story about her daughter’s school which remained open when many others closed.  Frequent handwashing was  “enforced” rather than encouraged.  No one got SARS in fact the run of the mill stomach viruses disappeared as well. She also wisely pointed out the fact that masks are useful in closed in spaces, not outdoors where the sunshine creates an inhospitable environment for germs.  First Sow No Panic

Check out the Times articles and let’s minimize the spread of fear related to “Swine” Flu.  This article documents transmission of flu to a pig from an infected human rather than vice versa.  The first casuality in Mexico was ill for 8 days before seeking medical attention. Let’s also remember that 200,000 are hospitalized each year from run of the mill flu.  As I mentioned the other day, 783,000 may die yearly in the US from medical care gone awry.  No Signs of Sustained Global Spread.

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